Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cement Jungle

Welcome to the Cement Jungle. Aka and older water well thing.
But isn't this the sickest thing you have ever seen!?
This place is so big and is just covered in the most amazing artwork.
CJ is just located like 4 minutes from Utah States campus and is filled with never ending fun.
You can just go buy yourself a some spray paint, and go at it on these walls.
It is so fun to look at all the artwork, get your own inspiration and spray away.
Also the view from here is beautiful. It looks over all of Logan,
and you can see the starsso clearly.
This night none of us brought spray paint but it was just still a good time.
We just got a bunch of people together and headed up, took some pictures,
hiked around, scared a couple making out and just had a blast.
If you live in Logan, and haven't been yet. You are missing out people.
Go now! You'll regret it if you never go.


  1. Very cool photos. The arts on the walls are excellent.


  2. That is a really neat place! We have a similar place, here in Austin, it's cement wall followed by cement wall that goes up a hill and all of the walls are painted with spray paint.