Sunday, September 29, 2013


On Thursday the stresses of tests, homework and boys got the best of us and we needed to escape life,
just for one moment. The benefit of living where we do is that the mouth of the canyon is a two minute drive and we have access to a million and one hiking trails. We packed ourselves into the car and drove deep into the canyon until we were completely enveloped by trees. We picked a random stop, pulled over, and started our way up the mountain.
I will say this now and forever that there is something about the mountains that sets you free.
The fresh air, the beauty, the nature, just make you feel relaxed. You just want to find a nice pile of crunchy leaves and just lie down and watch the fog roll by as you listen to the stream flow.
I went from stressed, to in Hailey la la land.. and let me tell you, it is a great land.
We had to cross a bridge, but of course, knowing us, we couldn't just walk across it like normal people do, we decide to walk on the ledge. It makes life just that more exciting. We also found this epic teepee.  Just to the left of the trail some stranger made it. It was a nice and sturdy made of all sticks and had this odd kind of beauty to it. I secretly want to go back and go all bear grills and camp out in it. We will put that on the bucket list.
We didn't stay long, maybe just an hour, but the mountains don't need long to work their magic.
They will forever hold a piece of my heart.


  1. I found your blog! Can't wait to follow! Love the pictures :)

  2. You have amazing Photography skills!! Thanks for the comment, I just came across it today, seriously made my day so THANK YOU!! And I love your blog, this is just awesome, I love taking random excursions and adventures just to find myself again amiss all the noise.

  3. mountains in autumn are amazing ! <3

  4. All of your photos are seriously amazing. I wish you could be my photographer! Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog recently :)

    xo Jessica