Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tune It up Thursday

Well I would have to call myself a slacker... because I have been sucking at posting music each 
Thursday, but hey at least I am getting to it today right------>>
I work in an office all day and the only thing that keeps me sane while I am cooped up in these
cement walls is music... and church talks.. 
but music is the main one.
So each morning I give myself half an hour to find a couple new songs. Because the end of the day I have beat each song dead because I replay it a hundred times.
It is funny because each day I am in a different music mood.
Two weeks ago I didn't music search because I was in a 90's pop mood, Brittany Spears and Backstreet boys were what I was constantly jamming to.Three weeks ago it was all country.
This is more of the slow indie stuff. Some songs I loved, then I looked up the words and they
were a little depressing. Either way I loved them.
Not all the songs I post are new though, some are songs that I have had for years and have never gotten old. I love it just as 
much as I did the first time I heard it
Two of my favorites this week were on the Montana video I made that was in my last blog post.
Well here they are------>>

History's Door - Husky
Walk on by - Noosa
California Feeling - AB & the Sea
Something Good Can work - Two Door Cinema Club 
Eyes - Rogue Wave

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Helena, Montana

Well it happened.
I finally got to go back to the place I was born!
Where was I born you ask, well... Helena, Montana.
How random right?
Well my pops is one of the most athletic people on earth,
after he decided that he no longer wanted to play for the Angels... ( just the minor team;)
he and my mother headed off for Montana
he got a scholarship to Carol College to play basketball, so that is where it was all started.
Even though I was born there, we moved back to Utah when I was 8 months.
And that was the last time I had been there until now.
I mean it took long enough!
We stayed with my parents family friends, and let them show us around.
We kinda got jipped because it was rainy weather the whole time,
so we didn't get to river raft, or hunting.
But since we didn't do that. We ate. And we ate A LOT.
Helena isn't filled with a bunch of chain food restaurants,
what it does have is tons of amazing little cafes, bars, and restraunts.
None like the other. And boy I will tell you we were in heaven.
Without fail we had Mexican food every day. I have never had such good Mexican food ever.
We also went up the Mountains and ate at a cafe, in the middle of a 3 par golf course,
they had live music, animals we could feed and pet, and amazing food.
Helena is like a Park City, Utah. But better, with less snotty people :)
I fell in love and I'm mad it took us this long to come back.
Even though it wasn't a cruise or the Bahamas, it was an amazing trip.
One that you got to spend chilling with family in nature.

I couldn't go to my birthplace without documenting it.... so we I made a little video :)

Helena, Montana from Hailey Peterson on Vimeo.

     Don't I have the Most beautiful mother?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Lake of all Lakes. Lake Powell.

Hi I am back from the dead.
Okay not really, I just got home from vacations!
My first vacation. Lake Powell.
Confession time. Disney Land isn't the happiest place on Earth, Lake Powell is.
I feel nothing but happiness joy, and optimism when I am in Powell.
It is odd how happy it makes me. Maybe because I have an unlimited amount
of good memories there.
My family has been going to Lake Powell since forever, for the last like 9 years
We had a houseboat, and every year without fail we went.
My families favorite spot is up Navaho Canyon. I love being nestled in a huge
beautiful red rock canyon, only surrounded by water and nature. Completely cut off from
the rest of the world, with people you love, and hanging around only in your bathing suit
all day not having to even worry about how you look.
Each night we nestles ourselves into our sleeping bags at the top of the houseboat and get to
fall asleep under the stars. I honestly can't think of anything better. I have probably had the deepest
and most amazing conversations under those stars. It's a time of peace and comfort. I couldn't
ask for anything better.
Then in the morning you get woken up by the roasting sun and an annoying crow that never fails
to be there every year. Then we hop up and are in our bathing suits for the day and out on the water
by 7 am to ski the glass water that doesn't have a single wave or ripple.
This year was different since I took the trip with my best friends family.
Even though we spent it on the beach in a trailer, it was still just as great.
Me and Brooke were talking how you can't help but be excited for life when you there.
When your just sitting on the boat listening to your favorite music, in the most beautiful place
doing the funnest things. You can't help but be so optimistic about life, and so excited for the future
and what life has to bring. 
If I was ever asked what my most favorite thing on earth was. My answer without fail.
Lake Powell in the middle of the canyon at sunset, with John Mayer playing in the background.
That is the epitome of happiness.

Ever Heard of butt surfing? :)

We also had a dog ropin cowboy along for the ride haha

Big boys lil tent

Hope your all having an amazing summer!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Saturn's Rings

Ever seen Saturn's rings? Well I did :)
Over the weekend we went star gazing and my friend had a legit telescope that
he brought along. They downloaded that app that shows you the constellations
in the sky, and tells you which stars are which.
He scoped out Saturn, and we were able to look at it!
Obviously since it was so far away it was the most perfect image ever
It was just white and had a white ring around it, but it was still amazing.
We went to the top of South Mountain and laid out a bunch of blankets
and were able to have a perfect view of not only the sky but the whole valley.
It is so peaceful to just sit there and watch the world go by below you, and the sky sit still
above you. We sat there for a couple hours, just talking about black holes, stars, and
how big the universe is.
I have to admit that outerspace and stars secretly scare me.
Something about it going on forever and ever and ever, is too much for mind to comprehend
and it creeps me out. Other than that I still enjoy looking up at the stars. There is something
universal about them. Everyone in the universe has the same right to look at them. Nobody, and
no one country owns the stars or the moon. They are there up there free, and ready to be enjoyed.

I may look just a little bit hunched back in the picture haha

Haha this may look posed... but surprisingly it wasn't. Yeah Paige is covering her eyes, we made
fun of her because it was obviously not sunny, but she said it helped her see.

Overall it was a fun night. :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Karaoke Cafe

This weekend was miss summers birthday...
Big birthday shout out to you sum bum!
To start out the festivities you always have to start with a pinata.. am I right?
Brooke and Liz picked out one of the most beautiful pinatas known to man. Greg.
Yes. This is Greg. Look at the frilly outfit, and might I add the the gold chain makes it.
It took us quite awhile to get it on a tree, who knew hanging a pinata was such hard work?

Once we got it up, Summer and her muscles took it down in three swings. 
Here's a snip it of the eventful hanging. and hitting... so violent?... ignore my annoying manly voice. I mean do I really sound like that? haha

Later we headed over to Zupas to feed out addiction.
I think every single one of us is obsessed with it. We just kept saying how we
have never been disappointed with what we've order. Everything there is delicious.
And then we were off to Karaoke Cafe.
Let me tell you now we spent 4 hours there. FOUR. Can you tell we like our Karaoke?
Haha we got there a little early so we had basically the whole place to ourselves for an hour.
Later when the place got filled the D.J cut us off... he said we had sang to much. Sad Day.
We made some friends there Otis and Gladis... and think that was her name.
They were some older couple that just loved life and singing. Otis sang the cutest song
to his wife we all about died.
Even though I love Karaoke I have to admit I am tone deaf... well at least I think.
Though I love it, I am sure the audience is holding their ears waiting for me to get off haha
Oh well, I guess they will have to live with it ;) 

Friday, June 7, 2013

The S.L.C

Ever say your going to do something... and you never do it?
Well if there was a queen for doing that, it would be me.
I find that I have a plethora of dreams and goals.. that just just sit
in my head and look good, but never become a reality.
Why am I ranting about this you ask?
Okay I will get to it.
I only live 20 minutes away from Down Town Salt Lake
and I have always made it a goal to go down town and try out all
the cute little unique restaurants, and  basically just explore the city that I've lived in
but have never become acquainted with.
It amazes me how much of the city that I have never seen, and how much beauty
and fun it offers.
Well today. One of my goals finally had a stepping stone into becoming a reality.
Me and some of the Ivy House blonde crew had a fun day downtown.
First we went to Settebello. The MOST delicious pizza place ever.
It is more like a real Italian pizza, so less sauce and a lot more toppings.
I downed it, me and Kaytee shared, poor girl probably got a few bites in before
it was all inside my belly.
Then later we explored a book store, that I don't think ever ended.
I imagine it in Harry Potter, there was secret (sketchy) doors everywhere,
halls that lead to halls that lead to rooms that led to dungeons.
Moral of the story. It was huge.
But we had our good time. And I found some amazing old books with the most amazing
photography inside of them. Even though I love to read, I am more like a child, who loves
a nice picture book.
Next we went from bakery to bakery to see what they had to offer. By this time, all the food
was weighing me down. So I settled with my last little snack, a gelato.