Thursday, July 31, 2014


 Hi to all my followers who thought I disappeared from face of the planet.
Well don't worry I didn't fall from the face of the planet... only from the face of America.
Last year I decided I would dig up my hiking boots (not really I bought new ones), pack my things and travel to Europe.
I always was the girl that whined about wanting to travel, wanted to see the world, see Europe, but never actually did it, because it scared the living poop out of me thinking about actually traveling to some unknown place where I know nothing, or no one, let alone the language.
But when I decided I wanted my major to be graphic design, and Utah State had a study abroad to Switzerland for it, I knew it was my chance to jump on one of my life long dreams.
I signed up, not knowing if I would know any of the students going, what to expect, how to prepare, but it excited me, I was actually fulfilling a dream, which I can tell you now, is a wonderful feeling.

Lucky for me as started talking to people around campus, I figured out I knew a few people going, Kait being one of them, who I knew all through out high school, so it made me that much more confident in my decision to go. I was stoked, Switzerland was my #1 place in the world to travel. The first reason because my family is from there and I wanted to see the country that my family and blood once ran through, and also because I felt the Swiss Alps had been calling my name all throughout my life... at least I think. I also knew that while I was in Europe I couldn't not see other countries... I mean who knows when I would be there again (let me tell you real soon because now I can't stay away). So luckily my best friend was going on a different study abroad to Europe and wanted to travel with me after. We were a little sketched out at first traveling.. just two girls. So we were desperate to find some guys to travel with. To our extreme luck, to of our guy friends decided they wanted to go, so we planned to meet up at the end of June, and backpack through a bunch of countries.

To be honest we really didn't plan that much for the backpacking part. I mean how could you besides read books about a place that you've never been and don't know what they are talking about. Basically the only planning we did was figure out what countries we were going to hit, and bought a Eurail train pass, that would get us from country to country. And that was it. Nothing else.... I will blogging about that part later because let me tell you it was a true adventure.

But yeah so after the little planning and me fully paying for my study abroad, the next thing I knew I was packing the night before (talk about procrastination) all my stuff into my 40L backpack that I would be surviving from for the next month and half. And let me tell you... 40L does not fit much, I basically shifted through the same 10 pieces of clothing the whole time I was there.
When packing for Europe, especially when you are backpacking... pack light!!!!! I cannot stress that enough, when I was with the others their backpacks were so much lighter than mine and I raged with jealousy at every second. It wasn't all my fault my bag was heavy because they didn't have to pack hiking gear and winter clothes, because they weren't snow shoeing the alps, but still I hated life sometimes on those hot days where we hadn't found our hostel yet we're roaming the streets with my back breaking.

Anyways sorry for the rampage... I finished packing.. got to bed late... didn't sleep because I was so stoked, and next thing I knew I was in the car with my dad traveling to the airport on my way to the biggest adventure of my life. The biggest adventure that will forever have a place in my heart, and brings me to tears thinking about it. Little did I know the huge life changing experiences I would be having as I arrived.

I am going to try to blog ever day a play by play about each day while I was there. If you have questions don't be afraid to ask.
One major reason why I am blogging about my adventure is because one, I want to remember it, and my blog is like my journal. And second because I want to give people the motivation and confidence to do it themselves. I am telling you guys now, you have to backpack and adventure, it changes your life and you for the good.
SO don't be afraid to ask questions, and I hope I can pump you up to fulfill your own life long dreams!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Awhile back Paul and I went to Montana to visit his brother and I made a little video of our adventure. I absolutely loved it, I think it shows Paul and I's personalities so well, and even our weird goofy side. I am better at telling stories through videos, so enjoy if you'd like to watch, the video is at the bottom of the post!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For those of you who don't know me, I am going to school to be a Graphic Designer. I am just taking art classes at the moment trying to get into the art program and then the Graphic Design Program.
I almost had to transfer schools because my current school almost made it take me 6 years to graduate...for a Bachelors. I went through a week of hell, praying, fasting, demanding, and persistence until I figured it all out. I am still not in the program yet, but I got things figured out, and I don't care how long it takes. I KNOW will get it.

I know Graphic Design is for me. It is what I want to do, and nothing else.
I have never been so sure of something. 
I am 100% and completely and overwhelmingly excited to be a graphic designer.
I sit up at night scrolling through the illustration section of Pinterest.
I jump back and forth between bloggers who have the most inspiring and beautiful designs I could lay my eyes on. I find myself doing tutorials at any moment I have free time on my computer, so I can learn something new on Illustrator or Photoshop. I see something and instantly want to create it, and will do anything to learn how to make it. I love it. It inspires me, it pushes me.
Who knows how long it will take me to graduate from the program.
But I don't care.
I will work a lifetime to to do what I love.
I will just cherish every little step. Every moment I learn a new tool, or dream up a new design.
I will become the designer I aspire to be.

After stalking some of my favorite bloggers I decided to make a little desktop quote shown below.
My creative juices were flowing, and I have miniscule knowledge, so here is my miniscule design.
Happy Late Night Wednesday!

                                                                          Desktop Image Here

Monday, May 12, 2014

If you didn't read my last post, I mentioned that I snagged myself a boyfriend on the Moab trip,
which was a total shocker to me and him.
Before the Moab trip we had about 15 other ideas for spring break from a Cruise, Mexico or just St. George. India, had a friend from high school just return from his mission and came to Utah State, and we had hung out with him once or twice, he was a way good looking guy, but was more on the quiet side so I thought he wasn't interested at all in me.

Three months down the road we all hung out again and the topic of Spring Break came up, we tossed around our ideas, but I didn't think we'd end up going to the same place. So the day before Spring Break, Kaytee and I agreed on Moab and Paul messaged me on Twitter to text him about the trip because his plans fell through. Next thing I knew Paul and I were driving alone back to Draper, to meet up with Kaytee to head to Moab. I thought it was going to be soooo awkward. I had maybe hung with Paul three, all of which we maybe spoke 5 sentences to each other. But the drive was nice, we jammed out to Metro Station and had a little music flash back. Kaytee was still busy by the time we got to Draper, so Paul and I had like a mini, non first, waiting date, that wasn't a date. Confused? Yeah you should be haha

We went to dinner and then I took him to Scheels.. he had never been before.
The conversation was easy, we laughed, had a good time, but I still thought nothing of it. I mean of course I was excited he was coming.... I mean just look at him.
When we got to Moab him and I slept next to each other... Kitty wanting something to happen between us, nothing did obviously. But the next day when we went jeeping me and Paul got squashed in the back basically me sitting on top of him for like 6 straight hours, we got comfortable with each other, and fast.

I realized I liked being close to him, I felt comfortable and safe, I enjoyed his company. So later that night we kissed, and things began to kinda start. We weren't by each other at every moment which was nice, but since we were camping we spent every waking moment with each other. I really got to know him, and him me. I even felt comfortable with him in any situation, especially my looks.
I hadn't showered for week, hadn't brushed my hair, and it was one huge dread. Yet he was still attracted to me? Like could this be the man of my dreams?

So anyways we got back, me having NO IDEA what would happen. I was so questionable if he was someone I would date, and if things would even work out.
That Sunday we drove home together, and we talked about the church and life. He had such a love for what he had to say, and I knew that he was someone I could see myself dating.
That whole week we spent every moment together, and that next Sunday, he said he didn't want to date anyone else, so the beginning of a beautiful relationship started.

Paul treats me like gold. From cooking me dinner, surprising me with breakfast, accepting my love of random photo shoots and all that in-between. We communicate so easily, and are equally extremely weird. The thing I love most though, is the love the he has for the gospel and the amazing faith he has. He is continually an example to me every day.
Currently... our relationship is kinda on hold, with him being gone doing summer sales, and I on my way to Europe for two months, we won't be together for four months.
We didn't fully break up but we thought it would be good for us to date other people this summer and to finish what we set out to do. It's sad but needed, and I really think it will help me grow as a person. I am grateful for him in my life, and if things are meant to be... at the end of Summer we will be back together.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lets talk spring break an eternity ago. Every year I've made a last minutes decision on what I would do for spring break. And every year without fail it is the best decision I've made.

This year, the decision was Moab, Utah, and now those glowing red rocks have a place in my heart. So like always Kaytee, Paul, and I went knowing no one besides Creighton and Seth... there was going to be 50 people. Good thing we are outgoing people.
 A little detail on Creighton and Seth, they travel the world doing extreme sports, bungee jumping, slack lining over canyons, rock climbing, anything that will make you pee your pants in terror they probably would do. So going into this trip we knew we were getting ourselves into trouble.

When we got there it was like 2 am, everyone was out cold in their tents to we went into ninja mode setting up a whole tent as quiet as possible. Yeah I would call that talent. Waking up was a little awkward, walking to the campfire with everyone awake and your are some new alien. They were all so nice and welcoming though. Can I tell you that every single person on this trip was so genuine, nice, and cool people. Everyone of them taught me so much and were so welcoming. Our new little trio were the youngest by far. Me and kaytee and 20 and paul was 21, the next youngest was 26. What can I say we roll with the older crowd, even though they aren't really old.

 So to sum up out trip in a couple sentences so I don't write a whole novel, it included me repelling for the first time ever... of an arch, hows that for a firsty. Lots of four wheeling was involved, canyoneering, razoring, rock climbing, basically all things that equal happiness we did. In no way will I really be able to express how awesome that trip was... hey I even got a boyfriend out of it ha

Monday, March 3, 2014

Treat Night ended up being a whole lot of interesting last night. It included dancing teletubby sheep heads, India making out with the sheep head, Hoff drinking a raw egg and much more. Oh and Jamo and Kitty have to eat a spoonful of garlic salt, talk about bad breath for dayzzzzz.

This Monday started out way good. I was able to get my bum outta bed at 6:45, that was exremely hard, and me and McElle went to a spin class. AND I LOVED EVERY SECOND. Besides the fact that my butt will feel bruised for a century, it was so enjoyable. It is nice taking classes because I feel like I push myself so much more. After class it was so nice being up early walking outside in the nice march weather and just taking in the day. I felt so productive and it was nice to have my workout for the day already done.

On Monday's I have Institute which for those who don't know what it is, it is a religion class that we LDS college students can take, it isn't worth any credits but it seems more helpful than most other classes I am taking. Any day I have an institute day is a good day, I feel like I come out of that class with so much better of an idea of who I am and what my purpose in life is. After classes ended me and Kaytee were on a sushi craving grind. So we decided to go to this sushi grill right after class. We show up and it is closed from 3:30 - 4:30... we got there at 3:35... how random are those times!? So Kaytee had to vacuum out her car and we went in search for a free car vacuum cleaner.

We drove up and down Main Street for a "Green Monkey" car wash that didn't actually exist, and Kaytee tried going to a car wash that had been shut down for years, she started to get frustrated that the vacuum didn't work until she realized it probably hadn't worked for the past 5 years, I was in tears with laughter. She was on a sassy roll today, I couldn't stop twitter quoting her.
Like the fact that she almost hit a pedestrian on the crosswalk, and was annoyed that he was angry yelling "NO ONE EVERY STOPS FOR ME ON CROSSWALKS" so I guess since people don't stop for her, others don't deserve it hahaha. After an hour long of Kaytee sass and the Vacuum search we finally got some well deserved Sushi. Where Kitty proceeded to flirt with the waiter the whole time, quoting, "I love flirting with waiters, even if they aren't cute". I will never understand her thinking?

After that it all went downhill. I have been sick with a cold that last week, with the voice of a smoker who smokes 10 packs a day. Then the sinus headache hit me and I was out cold for 4 hours. When I woke up it looked I had been to hell and back. One side of my hair was sticking 10 feet in the air.... or like it seemed, and the clothing I was wearing was half of what I wore to school, thrown with a sweater, and random leggings. I could have definitely won a spot on "What not to Wear". Abby was in the same boat, so we decided to get an ugly roommates of the day photo. Then she passed my like four pills to take, saying it would fix my headaches. I am still questioning what kind of pills she gave me. I guess we will find out soon.

Happy Monday Everyone. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tabernacle Sunday

Happy Sunday my friends! Ahh I just love the weekends. Maybe especially this weekend, it has just been so dang good! Our church is usually at 9:30, which after a Saturday night of getting to bed at 3 am can cause a lot of tears. BUT this Sunday is was Stake Conference so it was at ONE, lets get a hallelujah! Even better it was in Logan's Tabernacle, it is always a great experience having church in a building with such rich history. So since church was later Kaytee, Abby, and I rolled out of bed around 10:30 and got started on breakfast. My breakfast was oh so delicious, Abs and Kitty were raging with jealousy I had some yogurt with granola, and the freshest most divine strawberries I have had in while. We had all the blinds open, church music playing, and happy vibes all morning. Then we headed to church and met up with all our friends in our stake. We got a new presidency so we were able to hear all of their testimonies, and to hear the testimonies of men who are so close to God brings happiness to my heart, I didn't get to write any notes while listening to them, but one of my favorite quote from institute I heard this week was "When you are feeling beaten and discouraged and of no hope, that is Satan. When you feel a pull to do better and improve oneself, that is God". This helps me to realize that no matter how many mistakes I make and no matter how bad I, or anyone else messes up, God will always forgive you. When you feel down and worth nothing, that is Satan getting at you, God is on your other side telling you he is there to help and lift you up. Christ who suffered an indescribable amount of pain and death for us, wants nothing but the best for you and I, and wishes only happiness for us. The only way he can give you that happiness is if you let him in, which can be as simple as a prayer to him.
After church we headed home, cooked some lunch. I made stir fry for the first time, and dang I am gooooooood. I tried a bite expecting to gag a little bit, but hey it was good, so props to me! As we all cooked we sang and danced around, that happens basically every time we go into the kitchen, and I love it so much. I think that maybe my dance moves are getting better..... probably not.
Now me and abs are sitting in our living room watching the Oscars and drooling over Zac Efron.
And later some friends are coming over for treat night. So today started good and will end good with yummy food and good company.
Happy Sunday :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Mornings


This morning at the Ivy House has been one of best Saturday mornings yet. With the rain falling outside, John Mayer playing in the background, and sipping on some tea, how can it not be a great day. Although it's been relaxing I was actually quite productive. I did some spring cleaning in my bedroom, lets say that took awhile. I cleaned the kitchen, did some homework, and did some sketching. Most say they aren't morning people, but I think mornings are the best. Most of the Ivy Girls went home for the weekend so it was just Kitty, Abs, and I. As I did some scripture study and Kaytee did some homework we just listened to the rain pour down, and that small simple moment just made my day. It realized that it is small simple moments that our life is made up of, and those are the moments we should cherish most. One day when I'm married and have kids and I am running all over the house trying to get things done, I will think back to my college days. And I will remember them so fondly and maybe even wish I could go back. I want to take in every moment, every laugh, every party, every friendship that I have in college and savor it. I feel like I have done that a lot lately. By no means is my life perfect, there are a lot of trials I have to go through, but this week has been the happiest week. Nothing has gotten me down, just walking up old main in the morning would make me smile, or sweeping the floor as my roommates talk about crushes. All those moments have made my heart so happy this week. My goal is to keep my mind on all the positives in my life, because lets face it, I have been blessed with so much that even the the biggest of trials are so small compared to all the good in my life.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Salt Lake Saturday

Let's talk about this Salt Lake weather last weekend. Basically it is unreal.
Since when did 60 degree weather exist in the middle of February? If it was this kind of weather
at this time of every year, I would be the happiest human. Yet this weather is so depressing knowing the snow is just around the corner. I would have to say mother nature is sorta evil.
Since we knew snow was in our future, we decided to make every bit of this warm weather.
When I come home I try to spend as much time with my sisters as I can. They are both in high school and have social lifes, so having them schedule me in is also hard. But we all found time this Saturday to go downtown and take a stroll.
As we walked around, all I wore was a jacket. I think my sisters got sick of me saying "can you believe how warm it is!?". I was just lovin it a little too much.
Sometimes I when I go down town I blow so much money. I mean how can you not when they have amazing clothing stores, antique stores, and stores in general.
But SLC does have a lot of free hidden treasures.
My favorite place to visit every time I go there is a book store just on main right by Keys on Main.
It is this old building, that has never ending corridors. One room leads to the next and the place is just filled with all kinds of books, the old torn apart ones are my favorites. Oh and the National Geographic room is by far my favorite room in the place. It is filled with every NG magazine of every month since like the early 1900's. My goal is to one day read all of them. Crazy goal I know, but every magazine is filled with such interesting stories and pictures, I really can't get enough of them.
Afterwards we made our way back to the car and stopped to get a little desert from Eva's Bakery. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Floral Night Out

Dress: | Forever 21 ~ similar here & Here |        Boots | Dillards ~ similar here |        Socks | Free People ~ similar here |   

  Jacket | Old Navy ~ Similar here |

     I hope you have all been having a wonderful January and a great start to your year.
I would like to say, that this year so far, has been so good to me. I think maybe because I have been
more careful to see what I have, and have come to realize how blessed I am.
Let me just tell you how blessed I am.

     I am going to the school of my dreams. Living in a cute white ivy house from the 1960's with a picked fence, and towering trees. I live with 5 of the most beautiful, talented, and loving girls this world has been given, and I get to call them my best friends and sisters. They are truly my family, and a life without them would break my heart. The amount of fun we can have is incredible. Even if it is 6 of us crowded in mine and Kaytee's room trying to figure out how to kill a spider the size of my face.... okay a little dramatic but it was quite large.

     Not only have a been blessed with true friends but a wonderful family. And a healthy one too.  I have been given a dad that will work to the bone to provide anything all that he can for me. And a mom that with such a big heart. My sisters, well they mean the world to me. Although we grew up chasing each other around the house trying to beat one another up because one wore the others clothes, or how my two younger sisters go all wicked witch of the west and east and gang up on me. I love them with all my heart, and its a blessing to have sisters who also are your best friends.

     Bloggers have a knack of making their lives look perfect. BUT BELIEVE ME. My life is far from perfect, sometimes when I am in a negative mood, it seems like my life is in shambles. But that is only when I let myself see the bad. I have been given so much, so I need to appreciate it, keep it in my heart and feel the love and the prosperity I have in my life.

     Really, all those people who actually read this whole rant. I want to you to really consider my words. I have such a love for anyone who reads my blog, because it means that you care about who I am and what I have to offer. And I am forever grateful for you, and want the best for anyone who cares for me. For the rest of this month focus on the amazing things in your life and really ponder it. As I sat in the kitchen listening to my roommates bustle around, I took into my heart how much I loved them, and how I could not imagine my life any different right now. I know that all you have something that I want, something I mourn for, or something for me to be jealous about. Find that, and others, and open your heart, and focus on that good, because I know your life will change.

     Although I don't know many of you that read my blog, I have such a big love for you, and what you have to offer this world. Keep up the beginning of a great year!