Thursday, February 20, 2014

Salt Lake Saturday

Let's talk about this Salt Lake weather last weekend. Basically it is unreal.
Since when did 60 degree weather exist in the middle of February? If it was this kind of weather
at this time of every year, I would be the happiest human. Yet this weather is so depressing knowing the snow is just around the corner. I would have to say mother nature is sorta evil.
Since we knew snow was in our future, we decided to make every bit of this warm weather.
When I come home I try to spend as much time with my sisters as I can. They are both in high school and have social lifes, so having them schedule me in is also hard. But we all found time this Saturday to go downtown and take a stroll.
As we walked around, all I wore was a jacket. I think my sisters got sick of me saying "can you believe how warm it is!?". I was just lovin it a little too much.
Sometimes I when I go down town I blow so much money. I mean how can you not when they have amazing clothing stores, antique stores, and stores in general.
But SLC does have a lot of free hidden treasures.
My favorite place to visit every time I go there is a book store just on main right by Keys on Main.
It is this old building, that has never ending corridors. One room leads to the next and the place is just filled with all kinds of books, the old torn apart ones are my favorites. Oh and the National Geographic room is by far my favorite room in the place. It is filled with every NG magazine of every month since like the early 1900's. My goal is to one day read all of them. Crazy goal I know, but every magazine is filled with such interesting stories and pictures, I really can't get enough of them.
Afterwards we made our way back to the car and stopped to get a little desert from Eva's Bakery. 


  1. nice photos! the library looks like an awesome place and what a cute little bakery!

  2. awesome pictures as always, i totally love your long pretty hair!

  3. Beautiful photos.

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  4. pretty friends!!


  5. These are such beautiful photos! I've never been to SLC but it seems wonderful!