Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boot Shopping List

Boot Wants

So basically my boot obsession is reaching an all time high. Me and Kaytee spent two hours online shopping for boots that we don't have money for. After the two hours of wasted time I ended up with 5 pairs of boots that I feel like I can't live without. Guys... some way or another by the end of winter I am going to have these. My #1 are the green modcloth boots. Please die with me at how pretty they are, basically one I put them on I will never take them off! The Iconic boots on the bottom right are also a must because they are a perfect winter boot. I needs some that are going to protect me from the loads of snow we get here in the winter, and they will go with almost anything.

Friday, October 25, 2013

And The Pumpkin Obsession Continues...

Has this month been amazing or has it been amazing? I am convinced happiness derives from all things October. The amount of pumpkin I have eaten in the last couple weeks may be considered a joke, the number of times I have carved and pumpkin and visited a pumpkin path is starting to get a little worrisome. But I am going to keep going with my routine because October once every 12 months, so I will continue on with my compulsive obsession.

If I have not mentioned before. I have the best roommates in the world. (all of them not in the picture) Why? Because we are all uniquely weird and bring together all our weirdness into one big pool of awesomeness. You have Abby on the left who at times is the girliest girl you know, but yet you will find her sitting in her room listening to hardcore rap with her basketball jersey on. 
Kenzie (second to left) is also as girly as they get, she wears nothing but skirts and dresses (this day was a rare occasion), puts on nightly face masks, has a new nail color everyday, but she also likes to think she is a legit hip hop dancer, and will "thug dance" at random times. 
Kaytee on the very right has the softest most innocent voice, yet the tigress is ready to be released at any moment, she is full of sass (the good kind) and is called "the sex kitten" for a reason.
I could go on and on about McElle and Paige as well.
Each one of my roommates has something that I just love about them. We could keep ourselves entertained for days whether it is our dance parties in the kitchen to Chris Brown, "shopping" in each others closets, debating on which herbal tea is the best, planning extravagant parties that we probably will never throw, and making pumpkin desserts haha
This rampage about my roommates was actually quite random, but I am just so thankful everyday for being blessed with these wonderful nerds in my life.

xoxo hailey chy

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jump On It

Do you have those pictures that you ever came across on pinterest, and you were like.... I have to take one like that. For some reason I have always wanted some dope picture of me jumping on the bed.
Even though I never told India that, she came up with idea of a shoot of me jumping on the bed.
So you know what India. Thanks for making my dreams a reality.
I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful month of October. And I hope you have all been scared
out of your wits at least once. If you haven't, you poor soul, you are not living life.

xoxo Hailey

India Earl Photography

Monday, October 14, 2013

Rainy Days

Outfit One | Striped Sweater: SheInside (similar here) | Jeggings: H&M (similar here) | Socks: Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Outfit Two | Sweater: Forever 21 (similar here) | Cord Jeggings: Urban Blues (similar here) | Socks: Forever 21 (similar here)

India Earl Photography

For those of you who don't know. I may or may not be a complete and total lover of all things that pertain to rain. The smell, thunder, lighting, puddles. They just make me so happy. Also on rainy days it gives an excuse to snuggle up with your best friends, make some herbal tea and watch a movie... or five. I had an intramural soccer game in one of the rain storms, and I may have been a little negative at first, but once I was actually playing in it, it was so dang fun. I may have been slide tackled and took out my shoulder... and got a huge bruise on my leg from the ball hitting me at full speed. But you know what, I loved every second of it! The crappy thing is that when I want to get out of the cold, our house is the last place you want to go. It is actually colder in our house, than it outside. Don't ask me how that works because I am still trying to figure it out by myself!
So what we have to do when we come home is sprint to the warm shower, put on 5 layers of clothing, make some herbal tea and cuddle up in a nice blanket. In these pictures I am probably wearing three layers haha. I hope you all enjoyed the wonderful rain this week and weekend, and I hope you stayed warm!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

5 Places to Dumpster Dive

Dumpster Diving: The Best thing that could ever happen to a college student.

For those of you who do not know what dumpster diving is. Well the name gives it away. You literally get into a dumpster and take all the free food that your heart desires. Sure it sounds gross if you are a germaphobic freak. But I assure you, most food that you can get from Dumpster diving is fresh and clean. Not until this year did I take on this habit, but now that I have, it is an addiction.
Most places in Utah and around the nation throw out fresh food daily. The biggest culprit is bakeries. They these sell fresh baked goods each day, and have you ever wondered where the leftovers go? Well most go into the dumpster. Yup. All this mouth watering fresh bread that was made that day is just lying in some dumpster waiting for you to eat it. Almost 95% of it is double bagged or thrown out in boxes, so no garbage nor rotten food even touches it. So sure, it was in a dumpster, but is it really that gross? I mean I am still alive, thriving, and maybe even growing stronger from all the free dumpster diving food I eat. The place me and my roommates hit most. Einsteins. It is like the mother load of bagels. GUYS I AM TELLING YOU IT IS AMAZING. We will go about an hour after Einsteins closes, so the bagels are not even in the dumpster long. And every single time all of the bagels are double bagged and look untouched. We obviously scan the bagels real well to make sure nothing looks sketchy, but we haven't been failed once. Our last batch lasted us 3 WEEKS. Do you know how much money that has saved me!? I probably save like $20 just because of it. For the bagels that we don't eat within the first couple days, we just freeze the rest. And even heating them up after being frozen they are still good as ever. If I haven't convinced you of becoming a dumpster diver. Shame on you! It really is so sad that so many places in our Nation just throw away good food like this. My thoughts where why in the heck are they not giving it away to charity!? Well because it is cheaper for companies just to throw it away. If they gave it to charity they would have to pay someone to gather it and drive it to certain locations. And us Americans... well that is just way too hard, and way to0 expensive. So join together with us dumpster divers and don't let food go to waste.

I haven't been diving long but I was able to gather a little bit of information about the best places to dive and its legality. So in Utah it is legal, as long is there is not a trespassing sign, you shouldn't be in any trouble. As for other places I think the laws differ from state to state.
Apparently the best places to dumpster dive are in college towns. I couldn't really find some solid information on why, but it seems more food places throw out fresh food there.
I made a top 5 places to dumpster dive in Utah. Only two of these places I have actually gone, but the other three, I have heard from multiple sources, that they are a reliable.

1. Einsteins. (Didn't see that one comin did ya?)
2. Starbucks
3. Pizza Pie Cafe
4. Great Harvest
5. Crispy Cream Donuts.

Even though I only listed five stores, that does not mean they are your only options. There are so many places I bet near you that throw out fresh food. As I read for more information I kept coming across 3 types of food places that are the best to hit.

1. Bakeries
2. Pizza Joints
3. Donut Joints

I find this completely true. There are quite a few bakeries in our town that I have heard throw out fresh bread and cookies constantly. There are also a few pizza places that do that too. Usually the pizza is at the top of the dumpster untouched and still in their boxes, same with the donuts. Another question that will probably pop up is what time of day should you do it? It honestly all depends. Obviously in the pictures below you can tell we went in broad daylight. So far we haven't gotten in trouble so we are just going to keep going with that! I usually suggest trying to dive for the food within 2 hours of them being thrown out. Although, the first time you scope a place out, I suggest going at night. Also another cool thing I found is that there is a dumpster diving website for Utah!
It is legit! It has a map of all the places that you can dumpster dive, and you as well can add to their list! Go check it out it is pretty awesome!

I hope I was of some help! If you have any questions honestly do not be afraid to ask!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Camping on the Quad

Everyone says they go to the best college, and they seem real convinced that they are right.
But in the back of my mind I think... well you aren't going to my college.. so that can't be true.
I never thought that I would be one of those people who was a die hard fan of their college.
But... sadly I am that girl.
I am a true, die hard, bleeding blue, true aggie.
How you can tell?
When you camp out in 30 degree weather in rain and snow, to receive a wrist band to be front
row at a football game. Yup, I know I am crazy.
Each year for the biggest games, our school has "camping on the quad".
You camp out to get a wrist band to be let in 30 minutes earlier before most students.
The game game was against BYU... I needed to be front row.
But let me tell you... camping on the quad is so beyond fun.
It is what makes me love this school just that much more.
The quad is bigger than a football field... okay i think... don't hold me on that.
But the whole quad is filled with tents, even teepee's this year haha
And it is one big party the whole night. People are having hot chocolate, blasting music
playing games, socializing. It's honestly is so fun, I would do it in 30 degree weather every night.
Hannah is the man and got there early to put our tent at the very front so when the bell went off
we would have a short run. So we had a nice little community of tents set up, and we jammed out to music, took pictures, enjoyed our hot chocolate and stayed warm.
The basketball boys didn't need to camp out though...they are spoiled and already have reserved seats but they came out and partied before everyone attempted to go to bed.
We crammed 12 people into a 6 man tent, that may sound miserable but it was oh so warm, I was not complaining one bit. Everyone had snuggle buddies... as for me and India... we had each other haha
We all went to sleep at 2 am.. but some sneaksters every year put off a fake alarm telling everyone that it is time to get the wrist bands. So everyone wakes up for no reason to wait in a fake line, for nothing haha we fall for it every year.
BUT when the actual bell goes off at 4 a.m imagine this...
Hunger games.
haha everyone is dead asleep and then all of a sudden bodies are standing straight up in a matter of a second sprinting off into some direction searching for the wrist bands. Then you are all packed into an area like sardines swaying back and forth to get to the front, to get your prized possession. It is intense stuff. Once you get the wristband it doesn't end there.
You then have to get to scurry off to the gates so you can be in the front of the line ahead of all your fellow wristbaners. So this football game turns into a 24 hour event.
I was waiting to get into that game since 9 pm to to 4 pm the next day.
I braved the cold and had only two hours of sleep to get that beloved front row 50 yard line seat.
Did I get it? Of course! If I wouldn't have.. someone would have been beat up. hahaha just kidding
The game went... down hill, real real fast. It started with BYU getting a touchdown in the first 10 seconds... that is tragic. And then chuckie our star player got hurt and is out for the season now.
People kept asking me if all my braving the cold and no sleep was worth it.
No matter what, when you are on the front row 50 yard line, its worth it. Everyone is so into the game, chanting and screaming, and it is like you are front row at a concert. I loved every second of it.
Will I do it again?
Yes... why yes I will.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blank Canvas

My cute mom has been building a new house and has been counting down the days till move
in. This summer my mom, my three sisters and I were all squished into an apartment. Let me tell you
that was an interesting experience. Lets say I was glad to finally move into a house up here at School.
She moves in next week but last week the walls were painted and the whole house was empty and white and was a perfect blank canvas to take pictures in. It was sunset and the light spread through the whole house putting off the perfect lighting. The door was locked so we had to break into our own house by breaking through a window (don't worry we didn't actually break it) but if any of you need help breaking into a house, I am your lady!
This photo shoot I decided to style it very simple. I didn't want too much going on and wanted to really show off the dresses. I LOVE how these turned out because of the simple, romantic, soft look of them!
The best part about these outfits is the cream and and pastels! Like I have earlier stated I am obsessed
with anything pastel and cream. That is probably why have two dresses of the same pastel pink. And about 10 cream dresses haha
All of these dresses were a steal. One from forever 21, take a guess which one:)
And the other two were from Nordstroms Rack.
Secretly... one is a shirt, but cute little kitty is short enough to wear it as a dress,
so we went with it! Best part was all of these pieces were each under $50, does it get any better?
ALSO the beautiful genius behind all of my photos got to jump into our shoot, with the help
of my mom!
India is in the short sleeve pastel dress.. isn't she like the most beautiful thing. I always tell her she needs to be the one in front of the camera not behind! But good thing is is behind it because she is oh so talented! 

White Dress: Forever 21
Favorites Here: Forever 21 , Forever 21, Urban Outfitters
Pink Shirt: Nordstroms Rack
Similar Here: Urban Outfitters
Pink Dress: Nordstroms Rack
Similar Here: RucheYesStyle

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

OCTOBER - Free Calendar

Okay lets just start with me obsessing about how much I love October.
It is the best month of the year... by far.
Why you ask?
Well... first you get to look at all the beautiful fall leaves. I mean just look at the leaves in
the pictures below. I don't think anything could get more gorgeous, full of rich golds and fire burning red and oranges. In the fall you can mostly find me hiking the hills of the mountains taking in the beauty and all the smells.
Second... Halloween is my favorite holiday. I just love the atmosphere! I love the scary movies, corn mazes, pumpkin patches. The activities that you can do in October are limitless. You get free candy (I don't think anything gets better) and you get to decorate your house with fake spider webs, pumpkins and fall colors. I love do it yourself projects too, so it gives me all the more reason to do them.
The third reason.... pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkins galore! I love pumpkin spice steamers, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie. You could say I am an addict. But since it is October, it is acceptable and so accessible!
In celebration of my favorite month I made a min Instagram video while we took this photoshoot.
It was a two in one, so productive right? The Video is Post Below!

This outfit I had picked out for like two weeks, it was my October first outfit.
Haha that sounds so pathetic...
I love this beanie, and all beanies, because the are cute, and they mean I don't have to do my hair:)
I also have an obsession with leather jackets, I own about 4 and maybe wear them a little too much.
They block out these Logan winds so well and keep me surprisingly really warm.
Also get this, the jacket I am wearing in these pics.. thrifted!
That's right, I got it at a second hand store, It may be my best thrifted piece ever!
I suggest you buy one... or two.. maybe three?

Also I was able to do a guest Post on Mandy Shares Life. She is the sweetest person ever and has great advice and fashion go check it out!


India Earl Photography

Beanie: Nordstroms
Similar Here: Antroplogie, Top Shop, Urban Outfitters, H&M
Shirt: H&M
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Similar Here: Urban Outfitters , Urban Outfitters
Leather Jacket: Thrifted
Similar Here: Forever 21 , Charlotte Rousse , Windsor
Jeggings: H&M
Similar Here: ASOS, American Eagle
Boots: Forever Young Shoes

Here is the Insta Video!

Also I have a Free October Calendar that you can all download! It is the calendar below! Just click on the link to Download it!