Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome to the Ivy House

Okay, I can't even start to explain the love that I have for this house already.
I mean it does have it's flaws which I will explain later, but it is my love.
I finally moved in on Saturday, and I have loved every second since I've been back 
Seriously people, Utah State is such a great school to go to.
What makes living in this house all the better, is my amazing roommates. 
They are seriously so easy to live with and we are so alike but different at the same time.
We all have our little quarks that come together and make one big awesome party.
It already has been quite eventful, just in five days there are been two mini dance parties, us getting
toilet papered (not cool since we have such big trees), game night, 
and 2 serial killers in our house.
Obviously there wasn't a serial killer or I would be dead. But we thought there was.
This house was built in the 70's so it has its flaws, like it makes loud noises at night,
and if you don't lock the doors right they just randomly fly open from the wind.
So Monday night we are just sitting on Kenz and Abby's bed having a nice conversation
when we hear a creepy "hello" and the door slam way hard. Yeah, imagine 5 screaming girls (kaytee was nice and asleep in her bed) squished in a corner of a room. 
We scrounge around the room looking for weapons, 
kenzie found some scissors, me a coconut (don't ask)
We started screaming "we have pepper spray!" in hopes the killer would get scared, 
And then we had to call paige's brother to come over and check the house. 
So he comes, and all the doors are locked, so there is no way that some one came in. BUT I SWEAR someone said hello and the door slammed. So figure that one out?
The very next night, four of us were at the Spectrum cleaning up the stage after the Josh Thompson
Concert when we get a phone call at 12:30 (yeah we were at the spectrum for 8 hours kill me), Abby
was in tears saying someone was in our house, and the back doors were wide open.
So Abby and Kenz some how turned ninja out the side door 
and ran to our guy neighbors who we don't even know and 
walked into their house freaking out seeing if they would check the house.
Poor guys were asleep, but them being amazing people, came over as we got home.
So they checked all the corners and closets and doors and rooms. No Killer.
The wind flew the doors open, we think.
So right when we were think everything is fine, our neighbor decides to tell us that creepy things
have happened at the house and they have had to bless it before.
I immediately burst into big sobbing tears.
I do not do ghost stuff. At all. My BIGGEST FEAR.
So luckily, it wasn't luck, it was a tender mercy.
Our neighbor was the Elders Quorum President. 
So he said he would bless the house.
So we all bow our sobbing heads for it.
It was such an amazing prayer, immediately after I felt comforted, I can't speak for the other
girls, but it really did help.
So... our new goal tonight is not to have a scare three nights in a row.
We will see how that goes....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Finally got the video finished of Portland!
I am so sad the quality is bad because we had to use our phones.
And my phone... lets just say I call her sassy because she doesn't like to work. 
BUT, it after watching the video you realize it didn't matter what we used.
I honestly had some much fun on this trip.
I have been blessed with the greatest friends, and great experiences.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Don't Wait for Adventure to Find You

Do you ever just sit around on a weekend night, thinking of things to do with your friends.
You all give suggestions, and they are great suggestions, but you just don't have the 
energy or the drive to go do it?
Well if you don't, I praise you, because this happens so much in my life.
We all make that coveted bucket list and plan to check each one off during the summer.
Then its the last week of summer, you look at that list, and maybe one was just checked off.
Usually the only ones that are checked off are like make cookies, go to a cafe, have s'mores.
Well at least for me, because anything that involves food, I am all in for. 
But I had a list of float down the river, rock climb once a week.... etc.
And don't get me wrong I did some of those. But there was a whole lotta things left.
And it makes me so frustrated.
I had all the opportunities to do them, I was just either too tired, not willing to round
up a group of people, didn't have the gear. 
I just made up excuses.
Well guess what. I am done with that.
From now on when I want to do something. I'm gonna do it gosh dang it!
That was my mind set on Saturday.
Kevin, the most amazing person in this world.
Has invited me rock climbing like twice a week the whole summer. 
And I just kept being busy with stupid things. So when I knew I had nothing that 
would stand in my way on Saturday I called him up, and was like we're 
doing this thing. He was thinking "about time!"
Well anyways we went up Bountiful canyon. And It was so fun.
There is something about being in nature surrounded by trees and fresh air.
It's such a stress reliever. I sat up on a rock for 30 minutes and just took it all in.
I know that sounds cheesy, but I was so happy. There isn't all the wordly things to worry
about up there. You just get to enjoy god's creations. 
I need to go more often, and when I say that I am going to start doing it. 
My new motto is "Don't wait for Adventure to find you"
I made that up in my head, but I'm sure with the billions
of quotes floating around Pinterest, I probably just read it. haha 
Either way, I am going to follow it. And make something out of my life!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


In exactly one week, 
The blonde crew will be reunited and living in the Ivy House.
Poor McElle didn't make it in the picture, but she was there in spirit.

Friday, August 16, 2013

New York Stole My Best Friend

Like I've stated before, 
Nannying has taken away not only my sister,
but one of my best friends.
Miss Kylie Kapp.
I miss you like crazy, and can't wait to have you back.

 Love Always,


Wednesday, August 14, 2013



Do you ever just go on spontaneous road trips? 
Yeah me neither, until now. 
Friday night me Kitty and Megan decided we wanted to go to Portland.
Saturday Morning we were on our way at 7 am.
Let me tell you, I am not this way.
Before I make a decision, I weigh all the pros and cons. Usually the cons outweighing the pros.
Then I start to panic because all these "What ifs".
Then I decide I am not going to go.
Then panic once, again about how I am going to miss out.
Then I am back to square one. Still unsure about what to choose.
But this time. Nope that wasn't going to happen. I didn't have time to think about it.
I packed my bags and was on my way.
It was the best decision, and I am so happy I didn't fight myself on it.
For most of you that haven't driven to Portland from SLC, don't let people fool you.
It IS NOT a pretty drive until you are like 2 hours away from Portland.
Most of the Drive is dead yellow fields that look like a never ending ocean.
But, once you do arrive to Portland, your eyes can't take in enough.
You are never driving under the bare sky on the roads in Portland.
Every street is covered by towering trees, and green leaves.
You don't see a single dry ugly patch of anything. Anywhere you look is filled
with lushness. And when it isn't trees, there are plenty of old vintage
buildings that I couldn't get enough of. I didn't have a good camera, but
I was dying because I wanted to capture every single thing I saw.
If you haven't been to Portland.
Put it on your Bucketlist.
I killed two birds with one stone on my Bucketlist this trip.
I had breakfast in a coffee shop in Portland, and got a doughnut from Voodoo Donuts.
Hows that for being productive. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Market

We went to the Farmers Market again. Shocker.
I don't care who you are, I swear that everyone loves it.
I mean who doesn't want to spend a nice summer day Down Town, outside 
surrounded by fresh fruit and veggies, different food vendors, and a bunch
of random trinkets that you can't find anywhere else. 
Kaytee and I have been having our raspberry cravings, so we were excited to
get some fresh ones at the Market. Best part they were Bear Lake raspberries.
Also Kaytee had never tried a macaroon so she got one. It was coffee tasting,
she didn't like it that much. Better luck next time Kitty Kate.
Between the veggies there sat a Gypsy.
And we liked that Gypsy.
So we had her read our lives.
I don't know if I believe in them... I probably shouldn't even believe in them haha
but its fun to hear what they have to say.
Some things she said about me and Kitty were dead on, its so weird!!
So told me some things about my future.
Like how one of my good girlfriends was going to back stab me and steal my boyfriend.
She started yelling "I'm just warning ya!!"
What the heck why me?
After that I hoped she was wrong about all my fortunes.

At the Market there is this cool smoothie vendor called Off The Grid
Where attractive men blend together your smoothies, and hand them over
to you with beautiful blue eyes, and long swoopy hair. 
They hypnotized us more than the Gypsy. But anyways Brooke wanted to give the Blue
Eyed beauty her number, so we went to go buy one and she chickened out. The flake.
So we started to leave when some man that looked like Santa but had a chef's suit on
sparked a conversation with us. We told him Brooke's issue, and he was like well if you 
want my number.... He proceeded to pull out his "number" the card only said "My card"
haha no number in sight just a small printed my card. Then he told me that I must feel
left out and gave me a card that said "My Other Card" haha then he pulled out another
and gave Kitty his "Green Card."
Haha I don't know if you can get any wittier and funnier than that. My day. Was made.
We took this as a perfect opportunity for Brooke to put her number on the back of 
"my card" and give it to the boy! I mean it was meant to be!
Me and Kitty sat around the corner and watched her hand it to him.
Lets just say it was a success ;)
Who knew the Market could be so great?
I did. 


Monday, August 5, 2013


Big Sis Tay just left for New Jersey to nanny for year.
Not only did she leave me for a year to nanny but my best friend did too.
She is in New York, but not too far from my sister.
So now my best friend, and sister get to become best friends in some other fun state 
While I am stuck in Utah. Maybe i'll go nanny in Germany or something. 
So before Tay left we basically hung out every day to get in our years worth of hang time.
The Saturday before she left we wanted to do something fun. 
But to be honest I was not in the mood to have fun. You know when you get to the point
where you spend too much time with your family and you might explode? Well I was to
that point. Which is weird because I don't usually get that way. But anyways I had some 
major freak out about how the closet was unorganized, that everyone one was on my nerves,
and that I was going to go insane. No ones perfect okay? I think I scared Kaytee a bit 
because I had never acted that way before. haha
So all 8 of us sat there in the living room after my freak out, awkwardly. 
I knew that if we sat there any longer I would go crazy.
I was craving the mountains, and needed to get there fast.
So we all decided to go on a hike. Okay not much of a hike, its like 5 minutes.
But either way it is in the mountains and leads to a waterfall, waterfalls are always fun.
So we get there and Taylor decides she wants to do something wild. So she strips
down and gets under the wimpy waterfall. She is crazy considering she was in her bra and
underwear and at any moment some random people could have come around the corner.
But some how she didn't get caught, and we got a Victoria Secret photoshoot out of it haha
I won't share those... they are a little risque :) 
By the end of the hike my sanity was back. Woop Woop