Friday, August 9, 2013

The Market

We went to the Farmers Market again. Shocker.
I don't care who you are, I swear that everyone loves it.
I mean who doesn't want to spend a nice summer day Down Town, outside 
surrounded by fresh fruit and veggies, different food vendors, and a bunch
of random trinkets that you can't find anywhere else. 
Kaytee and I have been having our raspberry cravings, so we were excited to
get some fresh ones at the Market. Best part they were Bear Lake raspberries.
Also Kaytee had never tried a macaroon so she got one. It was coffee tasting,
she didn't like it that much. Better luck next time Kitty Kate.
Between the veggies there sat a Gypsy.
And we liked that Gypsy.
So we had her read our lives.
I don't know if I believe in them... I probably shouldn't even believe in them haha
but its fun to hear what they have to say.
Some things she said about me and Kitty were dead on, its so weird!!
So told me some things about my future.
Like how one of my good girlfriends was going to back stab me and steal my boyfriend.
She started yelling "I'm just warning ya!!"
What the heck why me?
After that I hoped she was wrong about all my fortunes.

At the Market there is this cool smoothie vendor called Off The Grid
Where attractive men blend together your smoothies, and hand them over
to you with beautiful blue eyes, and long swoopy hair. 
They hypnotized us more than the Gypsy. But anyways Brooke wanted to give the Blue
Eyed beauty her number, so we went to go buy one and she chickened out. The flake.
So we started to leave when some man that looked like Santa but had a chef's suit on
sparked a conversation with us. We told him Brooke's issue, and he was like well if you 
want my number.... He proceeded to pull out his "number" the card only said "My card"
haha no number in sight just a small printed my card. Then he told me that I must feel
left out and gave me a card that said "My Other Card" haha then he pulled out another
and gave Kitty his "Green Card."
Haha I don't know if you can get any wittier and funnier than that. My day. Was made.
We took this as a perfect opportunity for Brooke to put her number on the back of 
"my card" and give it to the boy! I mean it was meant to be!
Me and Kitty sat around the corner and watched her hand it to him.
Lets just say it was a success ;)
Who knew the Market could be so great?
I did. 


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  1. That sounds like the best day ever (minus the whole backstabbing friend bit.) I am incredibly jealous. I live in this stupid suburb and they have (quite possibly) the worst farmers market ever.

    beef (to order, there isn't any actually there)
    milk, cheese ^ same as above.
    They do have a jelly lady who makes the best jalepeno jelly, but that's about it. like 5 stalls of ultimate disappointment.