Friday, May 23, 2014

Awhile back Paul and I went to Montana to visit his brother and I made a little video of our adventure. I absolutely loved it, I think it shows Paul and I's personalities so well, and even our weird goofy side. I am better at telling stories through videos, so enjoy if you'd like to watch, the video is at the bottom of the post!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For those of you who don't know me, I am going to school to be a Graphic Designer. I am just taking art classes at the moment trying to get into the art program and then the Graphic Design Program.
I almost had to transfer schools because my current school almost made it take me 6 years to graduate...for a Bachelors. I went through a week of hell, praying, fasting, demanding, and persistence until I figured it all out. I am still not in the program yet, but I got things figured out, and I don't care how long it takes. I KNOW will get it.

I know Graphic Design is for me. It is what I want to do, and nothing else.
I have never been so sure of something. 
I am 100% and completely and overwhelmingly excited to be a graphic designer.
I sit up at night scrolling through the illustration section of Pinterest.
I jump back and forth between bloggers who have the most inspiring and beautiful designs I could lay my eyes on. I find myself doing tutorials at any moment I have free time on my computer, so I can learn something new on Illustrator or Photoshop. I see something and instantly want to create it, and will do anything to learn how to make it. I love it. It inspires me, it pushes me.
Who knows how long it will take me to graduate from the program.
But I don't care.
I will work a lifetime to to do what I love.
I will just cherish every little step. Every moment I learn a new tool, or dream up a new design.
I will become the designer I aspire to be.

After stalking some of my favorite bloggers I decided to make a little desktop quote shown below.
My creative juices were flowing, and I have miniscule knowledge, so here is my miniscule design.
Happy Late Night Wednesday!

                                                                          Desktop Image Here

Monday, May 12, 2014

If you didn't read my last post, I mentioned that I snagged myself a boyfriend on the Moab trip,
which was a total shocker to me and him.
Before the Moab trip we had about 15 other ideas for spring break from a Cruise, Mexico or just St. George. India, had a friend from high school just return from his mission and came to Utah State, and we had hung out with him once or twice, he was a way good looking guy, but was more on the quiet side so I thought he wasn't interested at all in me.

Three months down the road we all hung out again and the topic of Spring Break came up, we tossed around our ideas, but I didn't think we'd end up going to the same place. So the day before Spring Break, Kaytee and I agreed on Moab and Paul messaged me on Twitter to text him about the trip because his plans fell through. Next thing I knew Paul and I were driving alone back to Draper, to meet up with Kaytee to head to Moab. I thought it was going to be soooo awkward. I had maybe hung with Paul three, all of which we maybe spoke 5 sentences to each other. But the drive was nice, we jammed out to Metro Station and had a little music flash back. Kaytee was still busy by the time we got to Draper, so Paul and I had like a mini, non first, waiting date, that wasn't a date. Confused? Yeah you should be haha

We went to dinner and then I took him to Scheels.. he had never been before.
The conversation was easy, we laughed, had a good time, but I still thought nothing of it. I mean of course I was excited he was coming.... I mean just look at him.
When we got to Moab him and I slept next to each other... Kitty wanting something to happen between us, nothing did obviously. But the next day when we went jeeping me and Paul got squashed in the back basically me sitting on top of him for like 6 straight hours, we got comfortable with each other, and fast.

I realized I liked being close to him, I felt comfortable and safe, I enjoyed his company. So later that night we kissed, and things began to kinda start. We weren't by each other at every moment which was nice, but since we were camping we spent every waking moment with each other. I really got to know him, and him me. I even felt comfortable with him in any situation, especially my looks.
I hadn't showered for week, hadn't brushed my hair, and it was one huge dread. Yet he was still attracted to me? Like could this be the man of my dreams?

So anyways we got back, me having NO IDEA what would happen. I was so questionable if he was someone I would date, and if things would even work out.
That Sunday we drove home together, and we talked about the church and life. He had such a love for what he had to say, and I knew that he was someone I could see myself dating.
That whole week we spent every moment together, and that next Sunday, he said he didn't want to date anyone else, so the beginning of a beautiful relationship started.

Paul treats me like gold. From cooking me dinner, surprising me with breakfast, accepting my love of random photo shoots and all that in-between. We communicate so easily, and are equally extremely weird. The thing I love most though, is the love the he has for the gospel and the amazing faith he has. He is continually an example to me every day.
Currently... our relationship is kinda on hold, with him being gone doing summer sales, and I on my way to Europe for two months, we won't be together for four months.
We didn't fully break up but we thought it would be good for us to date other people this summer and to finish what we set out to do. It's sad but needed, and I really think it will help me grow as a person. I am grateful for him in my life, and if things are meant to be... at the end of Summer we will be back together.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lets talk spring break an eternity ago. Every year I've made a last minutes decision on what I would do for spring break. And every year without fail it is the best decision I've made.

This year, the decision was Moab, Utah, and now those glowing red rocks have a place in my heart. So like always Kaytee, Paul, and I went knowing no one besides Creighton and Seth... there was going to be 50 people. Good thing we are outgoing people.
 A little detail on Creighton and Seth, they travel the world doing extreme sports, bungee jumping, slack lining over canyons, rock climbing, anything that will make you pee your pants in terror they probably would do. So going into this trip we knew we were getting ourselves into trouble.

When we got there it was like 2 am, everyone was out cold in their tents to we went into ninja mode setting up a whole tent as quiet as possible. Yeah I would call that talent. Waking up was a little awkward, walking to the campfire with everyone awake and your are some new alien. They were all so nice and welcoming though. Can I tell you that every single person on this trip was so genuine, nice, and cool people. Everyone of them taught me so much and were so welcoming. Our new little trio were the youngest by far. Me and kaytee and 20 and paul was 21, the next youngest was 26. What can I say we roll with the older crowd, even though they aren't really old.

 So to sum up out trip in a couple sentences so I don't write a whole novel, it included me repelling for the first time ever... of an arch, hows that for a firsty. Lots of four wheeling was involved, canyoneering, razoring, rock climbing, basically all things that equal happiness we did. In no way will I really be able to express how awesome that trip was... hey I even got a boyfriend out of it ha