Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chapter 3: Section 7

My oh my this week has been busy!
For one I had a huge test, which I may or may not have failed.
And second, the greatest guy Thomas Rogers was Running for
Programming VP and I was helping him campaign!
And guess what
he won!

Notice the dog. If I didn't know him, the dog would have gotten my vote.
But Programming VP is in charge of all the events going on at USU.
So basically he throws all of the fun events!
Next year will be epic with this kid in charge.
If your confused on what school to go to.
Utah State is your best choice!

Thomas had some T-flow green glowin hats for us to rep

It really was so fun to help Thomas campaign. 
It was such a great way to get involved and meet so many new people.
Overall it was a great experience!

Thomas and I,
Ignore my awkward body position,
it was cold haha

Here is one of the Parties that Thomas was put in charge of this year.
It is his campaign video, but if you want to see the Epic
Mardi Gras party is starts at 2:24

Today was a great day!
So happy for Thomas, he deserves it!

--x0x0 Hailey--

Friday, February 22, 2013

Chapter 3: Section 6

 Outfit of the Week
Fur and hats.

First off Happy Friday!

 I will be the first to say that I often am scared to wear fur/feathered 
vests, because I'll get judged. But this week, I got over it.
I also only ever wear beanies. 
I thought it was time to maybe go even more outside my comfort
zone and wear more of a variety.
 soo.. here's my look of the week.

Feather vest: Nordstrom Rack
Leggings: Forever 21
Boots: Forever Young Shoes
Hat: Forever 21
Maroon Shirt: Nordstrom Rack
Clover Ring: T.J.Maxx
Bracelets: Swiss Days

x0x0 Hailey

chapter 3: Section 5

Yes, Valentines was a week ago,
And yes I am just barely getting to this post. 
But, I all hope you enjoyed the day of love <3

Sure I don't have a man,
but I still love V-day anyways. People are always so happy,
its gives you an excuse to chow down on all the sweets you want,
and it's the time where the best gushiest, lovey, chick-flick movies come out.
And who creates the best love stories of all?
I think we all know it...
Nicholas Sparks.

I am sure that almost 99% of the single women in America
went and saw Safe Haven.
And yes I was one of them, along with the rest of my gorgeous single
girlfriends as well.

And then after that, we once again a typical single American girl.
We went and got ice-cream! Shocker right!? haha
But whose to complain it was quite delicious.

Although, I spent Valentines with a bunch of girls, I did
have these hot men to come home to.

Oh, but yeah I forgot to tell you,
Me and Josh are secretly dating...
shh... don't tell Fergie ;)

x0x0 Hailey

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chapter 3: Section 4

Ever see a cute old lady, and think..
one day I will be her.
Well that is how I feel about Sister Hinkley.
She was the cutest, most amazing lady.
So I had to share one of her many many quotes that I love.

For me, I take a simple task, and make it ten times harder.
I like to do the best and be the best at everything.
I blame it on my families competitive nature.

You want me to make cupcakes for someone?
Instead of making a simple yummy cupcake
I say...
Okay I'll plan on making rainbow cupcakes, with home made sprinkles,
 frosting decorations on top, and their name on all of them.
Yes that takes tens times longer.
And sure they are GRAND, and will look good.
But they will end up looking gross and nasty in someones stomach.
And most of the time I shoot for that and end up never even making 
the dang cupcakes. 
All because I made some simple generous task,
into a ten hour project. 

Hopefully you understood just a bit of that.
But moral of the story...
At least how I interpret it...
The person in need of the cupcakes,
would be appreciative either way.
She wouldn't care if they were 10 hour grand cupcakes, or simple yummy ones.
They equally would have brought her joy.
There are times to be grand, and times to be simple.
Just choose that one that makes you happiest.

-- xoxo Hailey --

Photography: My wonderfully talented mother
                      Laura Peterson

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chapter 3: Section 3

Hey There fellow blogging friends.
If there are any that follow me.
Yeah it feels like a dropped of the face of the Earth.
Maybe because I have.
3 tests + 2 weeks = Living in the Library
But now I am back. 
And I am going to try to be a consistent blogger. 

Outfit of the Week.
So this I will try to do once a week,
It basically explains it all in the name.
Once a week I'll post one of my favorite outfits of the week.
There ya go.

Well this week, as I cleaned my closet I realized I had about a 1,000 blazers,
and I hadn't worn a single one in like 3 months.
So it was time they got some fresh air.

 Since it was neutral colors, I decided to pop some neon with it.
My neon peplum top.

And My neon green beaded necklace.

 That sad thing..
mainly my car saw this outfit
In account that I drove to Draper, and back to Logan in one day.

Well Enjoy Your Week Everyone.

--xoxo Hailey --

Blazer: Forever 21 - Similar Here
Peplum Top: Target - Here
Necklace: Hip & Humble - Here
Pants: Urban Outfitters - Here
Boots: Forever Young Shoes - Here

Monday, February 4, 2013

Chapter 3: Section 2

So if everyone was wondering why I had a poll on what you liked on a guy...
It was for this post!
To see what a gender likes on the opposite gender.
If that makes sense?
Here are the results.

 So to make things a little fun
I rounded up a few example outfits for you.

                                     The Gals                                       The Guys
                                                   (raising the bar one guy at a time)

Skylar's wearing 

(Everyone appreciate these photos, it took a lot for
these guys to pose, I had to trick them.)

Dan's Wearing
 Collared Shirt

Andrew's wearing

For the Gals

Megan's Wearing
Cool T-shirt (Bob marley)

Kaytee's Wearing
(with blue)

I'm Wearing
Blue Denim top
Trench coat

Outfits Together

So what I learned from this...
Most girls don't wear this everyday
Most of the things girls like to to wear,
Guys don't like...
Floral Pants
Red Lipstick
high to low skirts

The moral of the story

--xoxo Hailey--

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chapter 3: Section 1

This week 
I went full on creep.
I really mean it, I went all out.
I have creeper shots, and facebook pictures
Of my incredibly handsome and photogenic
Main man.
Andrew Merkley

A stud right?
We tell him he should model.

He thinks we're kidding.
But we're serious.

 I can't wait till he see's this.

 Hope you all enjoyed creep of the week.
Ladies, he is single.
Watch out.
You may be next..

--xoxo Hailey---