Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chapter 3: Section 4

Ever see a cute old lady, and think..
one day I will be her.
Well that is how I feel about Sister Hinkley.
She was the cutest, most amazing lady.
So I had to share one of her many many quotes that I love.

For me, I take a simple task, and make it ten times harder.
I like to do the best and be the best at everything.
I blame it on my families competitive nature.

You want me to make cupcakes for someone?
Instead of making a simple yummy cupcake
I say...
Okay I'll plan on making rainbow cupcakes, with home made sprinkles,
 frosting decorations on top, and their name on all of them.
Yes that takes tens times longer.
And sure they are GRAND, and will look good.
But they will end up looking gross and nasty in someones stomach.
And most of the time I shoot for that and end up never even making 
the dang cupcakes. 
All because I made some simple generous task,
into a ten hour project. 

Hopefully you understood just a bit of that.
But moral of the story...
At least how I interpret it...
The person in need of the cupcakes,
would be appreciative either way.
She wouldn't care if they were 10 hour grand cupcakes, or simple yummy ones.
They equally would have brought her joy.
There are times to be grand, and times to be simple.
Just choose that one that makes you happiest.

-- xoxo Hailey --

Photography: My wonderfully talented mother
                      Laura Peterson

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