Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chapter 3: Section 3

Hey There fellow blogging friends.
If there are any that follow me.
Yeah it feels like a dropped of the face of the Earth.
Maybe because I have.
3 tests + 2 weeks = Living in the Library
But now I am back. 
And I am going to try to be a consistent blogger. 

Outfit of the Week.
So this I will try to do once a week,
It basically explains it all in the name.
Once a week I'll post one of my favorite outfits of the week.
There ya go.

Well this week, as I cleaned my closet I realized I had about a 1,000 blazers,
and I hadn't worn a single one in like 3 months.
So it was time they got some fresh air.

 Since it was neutral colors, I decided to pop some neon with it.
My neon peplum top.

And My neon green beaded necklace.

 That sad thing..
mainly my car saw this outfit
In account that I drove to Draper, and back to Logan in one day.

Well Enjoy Your Week Everyone.

--xoxo Hailey --

Blazer: Forever 21 - Similar Here
Peplum Top: Target - Here
Necklace: Hip & Humble - Here
Pants: Urban Outfitters - Here
Boots: Forever Young Shoes - Here

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