Monday, November 11, 2013

The Sick Bug

Originally I was planning on No Slack-November... and was going to be real productive this month... yeah that was a fail. Lets try No Use-November. Ever since November hit, my level of usefulness has gone from a solid 7 to a zero. You know when you have those days that turn into weeks of you just sitting on your butt looking at a wall for two hours because it sounds better than writing an essay. Yeah well I am in that state. Also the death sickness has been filling the Logan air and everyone has been sick, and it now it has finally hit me. I fell asleep at seven last night and woke up at ten with my throat in agony. Kenzie gave me NyQuil to knock me out, and I couldn't have been any happier.

 | Top: Forever 21 | Belt: Nordstroms Rack | Pants: Pac Sun | Shoes: Pac Sun |

India and I have both been crazy busy and haven't been able to get any fun shoots in, but we have a lot planned for this week so be ready! But this outfit is one of my favorites. I found this top at forever 21 in the sales section and would consider it a total steal, its one of my most favorite/unique pieces I own. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

It's Snowing Leaves

As fall has gone on, the leaves have changed to their golds and reds and have slowly fallen to the ground. At our house they seem to fall...and fall... and fall. Our yard literally looks like it snowed leaves. We thought nothing of it and just kept letting them fall... until I realized I was having to trudge through the leaves to get to the road each morning.  So I guess that meant it was finally time to do some raking. After church kenz abs and I went to go grab some rakes. Turns out we only had two, so I used a snow shovel. Go ahead and laugh, but dude... like it works so much better than a rake. I was plowing up a leaf storm. We built like 10 giant piles so naturally I had to jump into one. If you have never looked at a pile of leaves and thought "dang I need to jump into that" you have no soul. Well... keep having no soul because after I jumped into those leaves, I was instantly filled with regret. Do you know how long it takes to get leaves out of your hair... well let me tell you. HOURS. haha I literally was picking at my hair the rest of the day, I looked like a freaking monkey

Later we were too lazy to make dinner so we went into full on mooch mode.
Once a month in the singles wards usually have a "linger longer", which is a delicious dinner for ward to eat, after church is done. Well our ward already had theirs this month so we went in search for another ward like a hungry wolf pack. Yourdanos was nice enough to invite us to his so we tagged along. We thought we could just go just act like we were part of the ward, but it is kinda hard not to stand out when three tall blondes walk in. The Bishop came up to Abby asking where she was from, she went into full on panic mode and ratted us out that we were there just for food haha he laughed and said we were welcome any time... so of course we are for sure going back :)