Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chapter 2: Section 8

 If you're ever walking from class to class and you look down, 
99.9% of girls are wearing boots. 
The other .1% are the girls who think it's 
acceptable to wear flip flops in snow.
I decided it was time that transitioned from wearing 
boots every day,to trying something new.
My solution

The only thing that was the issue was that my feet got cold 
every time I wore them.
But....I decided to pair them with these cute floral socks I 
got a about a year ago, and they work like a charm.

Since most of you don't own socks like these
you can also pair them with tights

And if you're aiming to get even warmer feet, I love putting 
flats with wool socks. Yeah it sounds ugly,
but they are actually quite cute!

Ky and I wore matching pants as well. Just to show what ways,
you can wear high wasted shorts.

I had a little fun with Photoshop too..

My favorite things to put with high wasted shorts.
Sweaters, collars, and cardigans.

Biffs forever <3

Stay warm
Enjoy your weekend:)

-- xoxo Hailey --

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chapter 2: Section 7

Yes I know...
When you think thrift will forever remind you of Macklemore.
Anyways... I want to try to, weekly, or maybe monthly a post on
My Thrift Shop finds!
I honestly love spending hours in Savers, or the D.I
Searching all racks for that special something!

Can you guess which piece of clothing is a thrifty buy?
Well most of you probably guessed..
The sweater.
Isn't is so awesome!! I was dieing inside when I found this! 
Aztec is so in right now, so this couldn't have been any better of a find.
I found this dime at Savers.
It may have had shoulder pads, but I easily cut those out.
Look at it's cute collar :)

I am a huge sweater fan, ask my friends, I have about a billion.
But this sweater has been a love of mine! 
I guess you could say it could look tacky and frumpy 
depending on what you put it with

So that is why I used my rule.
Never put two thrift shop finds into one outfit.
If you do, you look like you walked straight out of an 80's show 
and haven't caught on to current fashion trends.
 In this outfit I pared it with some mustard yellow cords that I got on sale for $50 at the Lucky Outlet
And $150 Big Buhda heels for 20 bucks at the Dillard's of the year sale.

Next Thrifty Find

My oh so awesome floral skirt.
I think more than half of the skirts I own are from the D.I or savers.
I can't get enough them.

The issue with these skirts, is they can look grandma-y, 
probably because grandmas previously owned them..
So the way I keep it from looking old and haggardly is..

I never wear another vintage piece.
I pair it with some new modern shoes. (Big Buddha shoes)
Try not to wear a frumpier top. (Forever 21 collard white shirt)
Throw on some awesome jewelery. I went with gold.
(Bracelets forever 21, Rings- Forever 21 & Lucky)
And I accented with cheetah

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 It would mean a lot!

Luv Hailey

Allison Vest

Friday, January 25, 2013

Chapter 2: Section 6

Since it is the end of the week.
I thought I'd share my cravings of the week.
Let me warn you
They were quite random.

1st Craving

Block Cheese.
I prefer thick slices.
This came about when I saw my roommate eating some on Monday.
I only had shredded.
Immediately I needed some.  
Tuesday I ran to the store to satisfy the craving.
Happy ever since. 

2nd Craving

Red Lipstick
 I have slowed down on my red lips lately
But this new craving came about when I saw a girl on campus wearing it.
She looked boss with it on.
So I had to look boss too.
I secretly stopped wearing it, because I have a feeling guys are repulsed by it.
But now I don't care
Who needs em.

3rd Craving

Chocolate Milk

This is odd because I have never and will never like normal milk
But for some odd reason I cannot get enough chocolate milk.
I love it so much, that I bought this milk on Tuesday.
Look in the picture how empty it is.
Is this healthy?
Either way I don't care, I'll keep devouring it till I am sick.

One day I will learn to control my cravings.

-- Luv Hailey --

Chapter 2: Section 5

I understand that it is cold in Utah.
And most of you reading this are experiencing the Utah chill as well.
But... in Logan, I feel we are experiencing the worst of it.

I decided to dedicate a post to the cold, I'm calling it:
Its so cold that..


My car's tires got frozen into 3 inches of ice. It took twenty minutes of the maintenance guy hacking and chipping away at the ice. Two guys (and Katie my roomie) pushing my car, and me gunning the gas so much that I wasted, I swear, like a quarter of gas.


Logan is ranked 1st in the NATION for worst air quality.
And its obvious when your walking outside.
 A lot of the mornings you walk through fog, and can barely see a thing. 
Picture above is walking to Old Main (pic by Austin Allred)
You basically feel like your breathing in dirt
I can't wait for the day I actually breathe oxygen.
For more resources:


The snow on the mountain, literally is ice
Which resulted in the most epic crashes of crashes.
The image above isn't even the right crash. 
Lets just say I went down the steepest mountain of mountains.
Skidded out and proceed to fly down the mountain like a penguin on my stomch
 with no way to stop.
Then right when I thought I could stop, 
I had so much momentum I was thrown to my back,
and proceeded to slide down the mountain for about another 3o seconds.
Tragic thing, is only my instructor saw, no video, no pics.
My instructor laughed, cause it was probably the funniest thing she ever saw.
Although it was funny after, while it was sliding down the mountain of doom
All I could think, was I'm going to die
Because the longer I was sliding, the faster I was getting.
I  thought I was going to slide down the whole mountain and end up hitting a tree to stop.
Yet funny.


My poor roommate got frostbite!! 
She got it from only being outside for 10 minutes walking to her next class!
She couldn't sleep that side of her head for a couple nights.
I am deathly afraid that is going to happen to me now.
Stupid cold.
Stupid Logan.

Last But not Least

The parking lots are so iced over and Summers car couldn't drive on it
So it took four girls to push Summer's Car 
into a parking spot.
Yeah We are strong.
Got any other complaints about the cold?
I'd love to hear them:)
--Hailey Cheyanne--

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chapter 2: Section 4

 So Valentines holiday decor is coming up
 and much of the time, I find the decor a little tacky. 
So I decided I was going to attempt to make my own Valentines decoration.
A couple of months ago I remember passing an image on
Pinterest  (of course) and it was these branches put together to make a heart. 
It was simple and cute. 
But dumb me didn't pin the picture
 so I decided I would have to recreate it from memory
(which isn't the most dependable). 
Also my craft skills, not that dependable either...

Like most of my projects, I set out to make it look like
the perfect Pinterest image,
but in the end looks like a broken, jumbled, pile of trash.
I secretly think they edit it real good, to make it look perfect.
I attempted anyways.... I mean sure it looks a little home made, but that is the best right? ;)

So.... Here is my DIY on how to make a Branched Heart

 The best part of this fun was cheap! 
These are the objects you will need, to make your creation 

Glue Gun
Scissors: That is kinda sad if you don't own any
Hemp Cord: Can find at Joann's Craft Store on sale for $4.49
Spray Paint: you can find a can for $1 at Walmart
Branches: Go pluck some off a tree, its best if they are a bit thicker

So once I had the branches, all I did was break them into the sizes I wanted.
You can decide how big you want it to be.
I started with the bottom of the heart and worked myself up, I felt it was the easiest way.
Line them all up, so it looks they way you want.

The next step is to spray paint the sticks. 
You can do any colors your want, it looks good with whatever. 
The spray paint I used didn't cover the branch entirely, and so it still gave it an earthy color, which I loved. I let the sticks dry for about 3 hours, I probably could have used them sooner, but I just wanted to be careful.

These last steps were the hardest, because I had to make sure I didn't get frustrated. Take the hemp and tie a knot around the branches. I would do one knot on the left side of the single branch, then one on the right, so I would get an equal distance from one branch to the next. I started from the bottom and worked to the top.


At first I was just tying them, but then they started to get loose, so to ensure they wouldn't come apart, I glue gunned on top of the knot.

The Image on the left shows them tied together, and with the glue stuck on top of the knot. My best advice is make sure you start with one branch, tie both the left and rights side first, then start on the branch on top. That way it will reduce your chances of lopsidedness.

Just continue working your way up, it's a bit tedious but its worth it.
Once the branches are all tied up, with the long strands that you have from the start, just cut them short, and glue them to the knot.
And There You Go!
You're Done
and now you have a Branched Heart! :)


---Hailey Cheyanne

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Chapter 2: Section 3

So I decided I would do a Creep of the Week.
The post is all about what or who I have been obsessed
with for the past week.
This week, my dear roommate Mady was singing High School Musical.
It then got stuck in my head, thanks Mady,
And then I had to watch it.
Which is bad, because my obsession with Zac Efron just got worse.
So enjoy.
He is nothing but pure heaven.

Yes... I did have to put a shirtless picture of him. 

Beanies. So hot.

Those eyes....those eyes... and biting the lip. I mean seriously?

Hope your day was made:)

--Hailey Cheyanne--

P.S Still need help with what hot things guys wear! Sweaters? Ties?
Comment, help me out;)