Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chapter 2: Section 7

Yes I know...
When you think thrift will forever remind you of Macklemore.
Anyways... I want to try to, weekly, or maybe monthly a post on
My Thrift Shop finds!
I honestly love spending hours in Savers, or the D.I
Searching all racks for that special something!

Can you guess which piece of clothing is a thrifty buy?
Well most of you probably guessed..
The sweater.
Isn't is so awesome!! I was dieing inside when I found this! 
Aztec is so in right now, so this couldn't have been any better of a find.
I found this dime at Savers.
It may have had shoulder pads, but I easily cut those out.
Look at it's cute collar :)

I am a huge sweater fan, ask my friends, I have about a billion.
But this sweater has been a love of mine! 
I guess you could say it could look tacky and frumpy 
depending on what you put it with

So that is why I used my rule.
Never put two thrift shop finds into one outfit.
If you do, you look like you walked straight out of an 80's show 
and haven't caught on to current fashion trends.
 In this outfit I pared it with some mustard yellow cords that I got on sale for $50 at the Lucky Outlet
And $150 Big Buhda heels for 20 bucks at the Dillard's of the year sale.

Next Thrifty Find

My oh so awesome floral skirt.
I think more than half of the skirts I own are from the D.I or savers.
I can't get enough them.

The issue with these skirts, is they can look grandma-y, 
probably because grandmas previously owned them..
So the way I keep it from looking old and haggardly is..

I never wear another vintage piece.
I pair it with some new modern shoes. (Big Buddha shoes)
Try not to wear a frumpier top. (Forever 21 collard white shirt)
Throw on some awesome jewelery. I went with gold.
(Bracelets forever 21, Rings- Forever 21 & Lucky)
And I accented with cheetah

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Luv Hailey

Allison Vest

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