Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chapter 2: Section 2

So I am no fashion major, but I LOVE clothes. I could spend hours
analyzing a friend's closet and create a multitude of new outfits for them.
 One thing I have noticed, is a lot of people don't know 
how to mix patterns. They often end up wearing their floral 
jeggings, or plaid shirt with just a basic pant, or basic t-shirt. 
So I decided I would do a post on how I mix patterns.


 I love mixing cheetah with so any different prints. But I don't like to use too much of it, because I start to feel like Snookie shaking her rump up in da club. I love to use a little touch here and there. In this outfit I took my feathered/floral print and added a pinch of cheetah at the belt and on shoes. 

Some of you may wonder, well sure it looks good with this print, but what other prints would it look good with? I put together I few examples on my polyvore 
Honestly, cheetah looks good with almost anything. I like to pair it more with floral, and stripes, I personally wouldn't put it with an Aztec, or another animal print, but you know I haven't tried it! You would be shocked at how many things cheetah would go with in your closet, you just have to take a risk, try it, 
and you may end up liking it!

Mixing Floral Patterns.

 Let me tell ya, it can be a scary thing...
All I can say, is be man.
Try it!

In this outfit, we paired floral jeggings with a floral top.
If you have a large floral print, make sure you pair it with a smaller floral print,  it will act more as a solid color. My rule of thumb is large/small, medium/small or small/small.

 Mix a dark with a light. In this outfit we have a darker pant with a lighter shirt. If you don't do light/dark, your outfit starts to blend into one big mess.   

 mixing fabrics. 
If you use cotton for the top, try to use it for the bottoms (or denim). You want to do this because since you are mixing prints, mixing fabrics as well, could be overwhelming.
Go Ahead and Try it! :)



 I don't have too much advice on plaid, because I feel like it goes with virtually anything! I have hundreds of plaid flannel shirts that I like to wear all the time. Which can be a bad thing if I don't mix it with other prints!  
I'm sure that most of you have that flannel that you love to wear as well! So I have two different example of what you can wear it with. Plus some more on Polyvore

Graphic Tee's
I don't have an example on my site, but I do on polyvore, but I love putting graphic tees under flannels. Instead of buttoning them up and keeping them plain, throw in a graphic t-shirt under it, almost any t-shirt of yours will look good!

With the outfit above we paired a flannel with an Aztec patterned sweater underneath. We also paired it with cords, which I LOVE. Pairing a flannel with a cord, is genius.
If you want to throw a sweater or shirt under a flannel, make sure that it is casual, sometimes throwing a fancier top under a flannel can look, well.... odd. So try to keep it casual. Also try to keep it in the same color scheme. You don't want some dark green flannel, paired with a hot pink shirt.

Polka Dots

Never thought of polka dots with your flannel? Where here it is, proof that it looks good...she isn't exactly wearing the sweater on her, but you get the picture! Also use it as an idea, I love throwing a sweater around the waste to get it a different touch!
 Flannels look best with polka dots if they are on a sweater material.
So the rule with polka dots, make sure they are casual, and kept in sweater-like material.

I hope this was a help to you all! If you have any questions about patterns, clothes, or anything I am willing to answer them, and maybe do a post about it!

Just comment below:)

Have a happy Sunday!

Models In Order:

Hailey Peterson
Kaytee Lucherini 
Megan Bytendorp
Kylie Kapp


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