Friday, January 25, 2013

Chapter 2: Section 5

I understand that it is cold in Utah.
And most of you reading this are experiencing the Utah chill as well.
But... in Logan, I feel we are experiencing the worst of it.

I decided to dedicate a post to the cold, I'm calling it:
Its so cold that..


My car's tires got frozen into 3 inches of ice. It took twenty minutes of the maintenance guy hacking and chipping away at the ice. Two guys (and Katie my roomie) pushing my car, and me gunning the gas so much that I wasted, I swear, like a quarter of gas.


Logan is ranked 1st in the NATION for worst air quality.
And its obvious when your walking outside.
 A lot of the mornings you walk through fog, and can barely see a thing. 
Picture above is walking to Old Main (pic by Austin Allred)
You basically feel like your breathing in dirt
I can't wait for the day I actually breathe oxygen.
For more resources:


The snow on the mountain, literally is ice
Which resulted in the most epic crashes of crashes.
The image above isn't even the right crash. 
Lets just say I went down the steepest mountain of mountains.
Skidded out and proceed to fly down the mountain like a penguin on my stomch
 with no way to stop.
Then right when I thought I could stop, 
I had so much momentum I was thrown to my back,
and proceeded to slide down the mountain for about another 3o seconds.
Tragic thing, is only my instructor saw, no video, no pics.
My instructor laughed, cause it was probably the funniest thing she ever saw.
Although it was funny after, while it was sliding down the mountain of doom
All I could think, was I'm going to die
Because the longer I was sliding, the faster I was getting.
I  thought I was going to slide down the whole mountain and end up hitting a tree to stop.
Yet funny.


My poor roommate got frostbite!! 
She got it from only being outside for 10 minutes walking to her next class!
She couldn't sleep that side of her head for a couple nights.
I am deathly afraid that is going to happen to me now.
Stupid cold.
Stupid Logan.

Last But not Least

The parking lots are so iced over and Summers car couldn't drive on it
So it took four girls to push Summer's Car 
into a parking spot.
Yeah We are strong.
Got any other complaints about the cold?
I'd love to hear them:)
--Hailey Cheyanne--

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