Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chapter 2: Section 8

 If you're ever walking from class to class and you look down, 
99.9% of girls are wearing boots. 
The other .1% are the girls who think it's 
acceptable to wear flip flops in snow.
I decided it was time that transitioned from wearing 
boots every day,to trying something new.
My solution

The only thing that was the issue was that my feet got cold 
every time I wore them.
But....I decided to pair them with these cute floral socks I 
got a about a year ago, and they work like a charm.

Since most of you don't own socks like these
you can also pair them with tights

And if you're aiming to get even warmer feet, I love putting 
flats with wool socks. Yeah it sounds ugly,
but they are actually quite cute!

Ky and I wore matching pants as well. Just to show what ways,
you can wear high wasted shorts.

I had a little fun with Photoshop too..

My favorite things to put with high wasted shorts.
Sweaters, collars, and cardigans.

Biffs forever <3

Stay warm
Enjoy your weekend:)

-- xoxo Hailey --