Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chapter 2: Section 1

NEW YEARS: The Night everyone stresses where they will spend their last moments of the year. 

Most Girls, stress about what they 
will wear, they evaluate about 10 different events that seem good enough
 to attend, but in the end they will choose the party their crush is going to (kiss, kiss), and if that is the case, should they wear lipstick, because what if he thinks lipstick is gross? They have to plot out where will they will be able to stick their phone if they wear a dress, do they wear heels or not,  and most important, what girlfriends they will be going with.  
Stressed Yet? 
I am.
Lets be honest. Most of us do this.
I can even say I've been guilty of this.

But this year, it was different.

It was a week to New Years, and my mind was nearing that time where those thoughts would start to come one by one.
As a group, all my girlfriends started to think of what we could do.
Would we attend the raging, UVU party like we did last year....egh
What about downtown? 
We came up with so many things, but we all had different ideas and would have ended being split up
So we decided to bag the stress, and just enjoy each others company.
So....We decided on a Classy Poker Night 
A night of
Being dressed in your best
Mocktails all around
A mean game of poker
And a dance party to end and start the new year.

At first, I was a little sketched out about it, originally it was just going to be all our girlfriends. NO GUYS. what kind of party is that?
But I went with it anyways, and this New Years was probably the best yet.
I was surrounded by my best friends, and people that I have been close to since the 8th grade.
Sure people could make fun of us, because we just hung out with high school friends.
But I don't care.
I had the best night dancing, drinking fake cocktails, playing poker, laughing at old stories, and being surrounded by people I love.
And that is how I want to end the year.
Spending it surrounded by people I love.

I hope you all had the best New Years as well :)

Here's a Little Video our Night

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