Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chapter 2: Section 3

So I decided I would do a Creep of the Week.
The post is all about what or who I have been obsessed
with for the past week.
This week, my dear roommate Mady was singing High School Musical.
It then got stuck in my head, thanks Mady,
And then I had to watch it.
Which is bad, because my obsession with Zac Efron just got worse.
So enjoy.
He is nothing but pure heaven.

Yes... I did have to put a shirtless picture of him. 

Beanies. So hot.

Those eyes....those eyes... and biting the lip. I mean seriously?

Hope your day was made:)

--Hailey Cheyanne--

P.S Still need help with what hot things guys wear! Sweaters? Ties?
Comment, help me out;)


  1. mmmm i think guys in collared shirts are hot. guys with beautiful hair.. not too long or too short. glasses are attractive. dark features. yes.

  2. how about you just put up your whole wall....yum! haha

  3. Zac Efron is a gross creepy weirdo. Not much talent there to be sure. He's grown up to be a right tattooed loser now. He makes my skin crawl.