Friday, January 25, 2013

Chapter 2: Section 6

Since it is the end of the week.
I thought I'd share my cravings of the week.
Let me warn you
They were quite random.

1st Craving

Block Cheese.
I prefer thick slices.
This came about when I saw my roommate eating some on Monday.
I only had shredded.
Immediately I needed some.  
Tuesday I ran to the store to satisfy the craving.
Happy ever since. 

2nd Craving

Red Lipstick
 I have slowed down on my red lips lately
But this new craving came about when I saw a girl on campus wearing it.
She looked boss with it on.
So I had to look boss too.
I secretly stopped wearing it, because I have a feeling guys are repulsed by it.
But now I don't care
Who needs em.

3rd Craving

Chocolate Milk

This is odd because I have never and will never like normal milk
But for some odd reason I cannot get enough chocolate milk.
I love it so much, that I bought this milk on Tuesday.
Look in the picture how empty it is.
Is this healthy?
Either way I don't care, I'll keep devouring it till I am sick.

One day I will learn to control my cravings.

-- Luv Hailey --

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