Monday, November 11, 2013

The Sick Bug

Originally I was planning on No Slack-November... and was going to be real productive this month... yeah that was a fail. Lets try No Use-November. Ever since November hit, my level of usefulness has gone from a solid 7 to a zero. You know when you have those days that turn into weeks of you just sitting on your butt looking at a wall for two hours because it sounds better than writing an essay. Yeah well I am in that state. Also the death sickness has been filling the Logan air and everyone has been sick, and it now it has finally hit me. I fell asleep at seven last night and woke up at ten with my throat in agony. Kenzie gave me NyQuil to knock me out, and I couldn't have been any happier.

 | Top: Forever 21 | Belt: Nordstroms Rack | Pants: Pac Sun | Shoes: Pac Sun |

India and I have both been crazy busy and haven't been able to get any fun shoots in, but we have a lot planned for this week so be ready! But this outfit is one of my favorites. I found this top at forever 21 in the sales section and would consider it a total steal, its one of my most favorite/unique pieces I own. 


  1. love the mixing patterns of the belt and the shirt!


  2. LOVE the outfit! Girl, I just have to say, I'm so sorry I never responded to the comment you left on my post about Elder Holland's talk this past conference. I just wanted to thank you for your sweet words, and kindness. I am officially your 100th follower! Go celebrate ;) Thanks again, can't wait to see more posts!


    1. Your welcome girl! And Thank you, I am glad you enjoy my blog:)

  3. you just had to show off all these pictures and those cute cute boots. you just had to. and now i need to go to seattle.