Monday, December 9, 2013

A Seattle Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving this year was experienced in a whole new way in a whole new city.
Every year Thanksgiving consists of lunch at one grandmas and dinner at the others in same ole
Utah. And usually by the time dessert rolls around my pants are unbuttoned and there is no room for a single crumb of pie. We have family who have lived in Seattle our whole life. They are my dads uncle and aunt but I would consider them a third grandma and grandpa, with their kids just being my first cousins. Out of all the 20 years that I have lived my life not once did we go up to visit them. This was a big mistake. HUGE. Because I have been missing out on a whole lot of wonderfulness for 20 years of my life. This year we decided that we would go visit for Thanksgiving, and now I want to spend every Thanksgiving there. For our normal festivities I never get to partake in making the dinners or desserts, we just show up and the food is ready to be shoveled down our throats. But we went to Seattle the day before and all day of Thanksgiving consisted of lots of family bonding time and cooking. Everyone had a job, adults, teens, kids. We all sat in the kitchen for hours laughing and cooking, I have never really experienced a Thanksgiving like that, and it was so special. It made me realize how much I love my family, I would have to say the thing that heavenly father blessed me the most with, was my family. I don't think I ever stopped laughing and we grew so much closer.
A lot of our family drove up to visit, so the sitting arrangement consisted of 6 longs tables put together, it seemed to look like the table on Grinch when they are all eating at the end.  Not only was that actual Thanksgiving great, but just the whole city. Washington and Seattle is full of beauty and art around every corner. I honestly couldn't get enough. My family kept leaving me behind while I tried to get photos, which resulted in my snapping dumb shots because I was on the run as I tried to take the picture.  All the photos below are from day one.We went to eat at Iver's where the seagull weren't lacking. You put a fry up in the air and ten came swarming, there were a few times that I thought a hand or a finger might have been lost.  And don't get me started on Pike's Market Place.... beautiful wonderful things come from that place. I could spend hours there either people watching, eating, or observing all the street performers.


  1. Very nice photos! Such a sweet little boy :)

    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!

  2. sounds and looks like an amazing time! family time is the best

    1. It really is, it makes you realize how blessed you are!

  3. A Seattle Thanksgiving looks like quite a good time. :)

  4. Your pictures looked beautiful! That last picture looks like an ad for baby Nordstrom or something. (: