Monday, December 30, 2013

Gum Wall

Last Post of Seattle I promise. I had so many photos to post from the trip and didn't want to overwhelm people with posting all of them in one blog post. We visited the famous gum wall twice because we were rushed the first time, my dad wasn't a big fan. It is so fun to walk up the street looking at how much nasty bacteria filled those walls but its funny how memorizing and eye catching it is. Who would think that a gum could make such a beautiful thing. What I think is so special about it is that, the gum is from people all over the world. Each little piece of gum came from a person who has a story. I wished that I could sit there all day and interview each person who stuck a piece of gum on that wall. It would be fun to read the stories of people who left a little piece, figure out who each is, some may think they have a boring life, but everyone tends to have some dark, adventurous, love story, its just all about the way you tell it. I sometimes do that. Just sit and think of the most random things, my mind is full of tangents and I love those tangents. And I love it when random things make me think, things like this gum wall. Well anyways... Seattle was great. If you haven't been there make it a priority go!