Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chapter 3: Section 7

My oh my this week has been busy!
For one I had a huge test, which I may or may not have failed.
And second, the greatest guy Thomas Rogers was Running for
Programming VP and I was helping him campaign!
And guess what
he won!

Notice the dog. If I didn't know him, the dog would have gotten my vote.
But Programming VP is in charge of all the events going on at USU.
So basically he throws all of the fun events!
Next year will be epic with this kid in charge.
If your confused on what school to go to.
Utah State is your best choice!

Thomas had some T-flow green glowin hats for us to rep

It really was so fun to help Thomas campaign. 
It was such a great way to get involved and meet so many new people.
Overall it was a great experience!

Thomas and I,
Ignore my awkward body position,
it was cold haha

Here is one of the Parties that Thomas was put in charge of this year.
It is his campaign video, but if you want to see the Epic
Mardi Gras party is starts at 2:24

Today was a great day!
So happy for Thomas, he deserves it!

--x0x0 Hailey--

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