Friday, March 1, 2013

Chapter 4: Section 1

(sneak peek of snow hall bachelor at the bottom)
This week has been, hectic, crazy, but yet very fun.
Can I first start off with how much I love where I live.
At the first of the school year I had my doubts about living in the dorms,
but now I absolutely love it.
I love all the people I live with, the environment, my ward, and just overall everything.
Might I also add, that we do the funnest things.
Like blindfolded mazes, 
Movie Nights,
The Harlem Shake,
And the Bachelor.
Yes I said the Bachlor. 
Snow Hall Edition!

 The boys in 408 decided it was time that Snow Hall had it's very own
Bachelor. And Yes I did get asked to be on it.
And yes it is very scary being on it, because I don't know how to 
act in front of cameras.
But anyways I don't want to tell you too much, because you will have to watch it!:)
I'll post the episodes each week. The Sneak Peak Is at the bottom of this Post!

I took this oppurtunity to do a two in one, and I am doing a post on the outfit
you will be seeing me in, when the show airs on Sunday!

So for one, Since I am up in college, I do not have a lot of fancy dresses lying around.
But I did have a few to pick from. 
So I decided I would go for the innocent goddess look ;)

 I threw some simple pearls on it, and didn't want to go overboard,
I wanted to be simple and cute.

 Originally I didn't have time to take pictures of my outfit the night we filmed,
so I had to put it back on to get pictures. I am warning you, that in the episode my
hair may appear a little greasy because... well it was greasy. I was too lazy and didn't wash my hair,
so I tried to hide it with baking powder. It wasn't that successful.
So don't judge haha

Each week I am going to try to post a behind the scenes. Basically show some
things that the Episode didn't show you. And let you get to know the girls a bit more!

Have a great weekend! and below is the sneak peak! :)
Like the Snow Hall Bachelor Facebook Page at
To learn more!

--x0x0 Hailey--

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Nordstroms
Bracelet: Forever 21


  1. Oh my goodness this sounds like so much fun!!


  2. this sounds sick! haha i can't believe snow hall is doing it-- i went to utah state like a year ago and freakin loved it! can't wait to see updates and behind the scenes.
    oh and that dress is beautiful!
    xx ryleeblake

  3. Thank you so much! It really has been so fun doing it! Utah State is probably one of the best college's out there! And thanks, the dress was definitely a lucky find!