Monday, March 25, 2013

The End to a Dream. Spring Break.

 Today you will get part 3 of my trip.
Catalina Island.
I waited to do part three for the video to be done. 
Which Brandon, and Jaren did a good job on it! 
We loved it so much we watched it 3 times in a row.
But I still wish it was longer, because there is so much it doesn't show.
But at least it is in my memory:)


When you think of beauty... what do you think of?
Well for me. I think fog. I LOVE fog.
It gives things that mystic, unknowing beauty.
And the Island was filled with that.
Sure we were looking forward to soaking up the sun, but we did 
get it on the secondday at Catalina.

But the first day consisted of us packing up our bags and taking a safari bus
to the other side of the island. Which was almost desolate. 
When we arrived it was a place of fog, peace, and total serenity.
There wasn't a soul in site, the WHOLE entire beach, mountains, water. 
Was our, and only ours.
We spent hours exploring and taking it in. I don't think I would have ever had 
enough time to really take in how beautiful it was.

When people asked what was my favorite part of the trip.
Without a doubt I would say the first day on Catalina.
I have never felt so much peace and had so much fun at the same time.
I also loved that we camped. I miss camping. It so cold here in Utah!
And we for sure roughed it. The next day we were to hike six miles
uphill and had to carry everything, so all I had room for was a change of
clothes and food. I lived in my same clothes for three days. And
Me and kaytee lived off of peanut butter sandwiches and wheat thins
Our oreo's got fed to the needy.
And I loved every second of it.

Also we lived with a decedents of Steve Irwin (not really)
and we caught a star fish, crabs, snails, birds, and a whale.
Jk on the whale. But how cool would that be?

The next day we packed up and we on our way.
A 6 mile hike in the the heat uphill. But we loved it.
The otherside was sunny and ready to welcome us.
Almost all of us got burned because we were so excited to see sun.

Okay please tell me this isn't beautiful?
I was dieing.

Utah State Pride.
Officially the best school ever.
Sorry Ben and Truman.
P.s ignore my frizzy hair, I wasn't showering okay?

We were homeless for a couple hours on the second day of Catalina, because
apparently on this new beach, we weren't allowed to sleep on it unless we paid.
That wasn't an option.
But luckily we found kaytee. Who somehow knew Phil.. who was actually Paul.
Who offered us his lawn.
Which was a beach front lawn. So all worked out well.
Here is us sleeping by the garbage.

This trip. Was the best thing of my life.
And I made 14 new best friends.
As the great Truman Lemon said
"Many came before, and many after, but none greater. Best vacation ever."

x0x0 Hailey

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