Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fight the New Drug

This week I applied for the spot as Director 
of Fight the New Drug at Utah State.
I don't know if I will get it, but that isn't what is important
What is important, is that I need
to spread the word about it.
Fight the New Drug is a non-profit organization focused
on getting the word out about the harmful effects of Pornograhpy.
Yeah there's the word. Pornography.
The word people ignore, and cringe at when they hear it.
But it needs to be talked about, and that Is what Fight the New Drug is all about

It isn't some organization that tells people that it is morally wrong, or that your sinning.
It's about the scientific facts.
It is there to inform. To help. And to Make people to see.
They don't judge, but accept, and do all they can to help.

Here is a quick Video to get a little view into what they have to say.

The world has come increasingly accepting of pornography, and the gateways of it.
Not only are they movies stated to be "porn", but other movies, 
T.V. shows, and commercials that promote this.
I have seen how it can affect my mind by just watching a T.V show, and how it
can be a gateway to other things.
Although I have never been affected by Pornography many people I know have.
And many have joined FTND to share their stories.

7 Facts about Pornography
(Found on FTND website

1. Whether you're taking drugs or viewing pornography, the addiction process 
is the same

2. You overexpose your brain of pleasure hormones, which in return you build up a 
tolerance and a dependency to the chemicals. You go from "wanting" to "needing"

3. People say that it doesn't kill you like drugs, so how does it affect you?
It will ruin relationships. Porn decreases your interest in a real relationship and increases
your appetite for more porn.

4. Pornography is directly related to Negative Perceptions, Attitudes, and Aggression towards the 
 the opposite sex

5. Twice as many people who use Internet pornography are reported to have severe clinical depression compared to non-users

6. 58% of addicts suffer major financial loss

7. Leads to belief that promiscuity is normal

Here is another video that I was able to be a part of last year

The effects are real, and the issue is real. It just depends
on if people are willing to make a difference.
To join the pledge, or get more information visit

x0x0 Hailey


  1. No shit pornography changes your brain, it releases the same pleasure chemicals that are released during sex. You know what else changes your brain? sunlight. Yes, we get addicted to the feeling that the hormones produce, just as anyone gets addicted to things that feel good. why is it only okay for me to get off there is a man around to facilitate it? your brain releases the same chemicals as hard drugs when you eat certain foods, go outside, or have sex. Honestly, I watch pornography on a regular basis and I still have completely normal relationships with the people around me, especially my boyfriend. Liking and watching porn isn't bad, the existence of porn isn't bad, whats bad is when people let it take over their lives. Its the same for anything else. also, I don't think anyone has ever committed a serious crime to pay for internet porn alright. what I would really be worried about is the portrayal of women in these films, and how that can lead to more violence towards them and potentially more rapes.

    That really seems to be the only argument here.

    Also, idgaf if a bunch of kids from Alta think porn isn't cool because you're weird for not liking porn and I'm normal as shit.

    1. & I'm totally sorry to barge in here because I kind of have no right. But I'm going to anyway. The guy I dated for 4 years I talked about down there...He viewed pornography daily. He started using those tactics on me & trying to get me to become one of these girls. And I couldn't compete with these girl's. They're photoshopped. And they're just exposing themselves all over the internet. The reason it destroyed our relationship was because I was never good enough...because he was so used to seeing those girl's on the internet. And he's never going to get one of those girl's. Most guy's don't. If you're still not convinced, go ahead and take a look at this:

  2. Your entitled to your own opinion. And i respect your for it, But I am entitled to one as well. And that is very true that it gets bad when it consumes your life. This happens at a gradual pace, many people watch it on a regular basis, then start to need it more, and then it becomes an addiction. I am not saying that this happens to everyone, and you are probably an exception. But I did not mean to offend or hurt your feelings in any way.

  3. If you can't justify your opinion against what I said you probably shouldn't have that opinion.

  4. People are ruthless. And you are way amazing for taking it and still being super friendly. If you hate when there's anonymous commenters, you CAN change that, if you are ever interested.

    Anyways! I dated a boy for 4 years and we were about to get married when I found out about his pornography addiction. It was SO bad. And it destroyed us. Now, here I am, married to a different man & happy. But pornography truly does change your life. It ruins it. And it ruins those around you, too. Thank you for sharing this. I hope you get the position! And I'll share it on my blog, too!


    1. Thanks for your story! It teaches a lot! People don't understand the effects of it until there have really experienced it first hand! Yeah I think it was good that Anonymous could voice their opinion, but I may be changing that option to do so. haha