Monday, March 4, 2013

Laundry Day

The one heaping mess I dread most.
Why? Because for one it makes my money slowly disappear
 and second, I am a poor money pinching college student.
Usually I wait to go back home and do it, since it is free,
but my grubby unkempt lump of filthiness had piled too high.

I actually don't mind spending my spare time in the laundry room.
It usually is pretty desolate, so it gives me time and the serenity
to get homework done. 
But today, I was in the laundry room a bit longer than expected.
When I pressed the start buttons for the washers,
turns out on one of them... I didn't press hard enough.
So the one beeps saying its done, I go to pull out both loads.
My stomach sank, and I teared up a bit seeing that
I was dumb and one didn't start.

Resulting in another 45 minutes of sweet laundry room time.
I swear.... I have the worst luck.

But I took some of the extra time to get some pictures out of it.
Today, was more of a lazy comfy day.
My outfit may not look the comfiest. But it is.
I am wearing my FAVORITE boyfriend jeans,
with my striped top
and favorite boots.

May the laundry be ever in your favor.

--x0x0 Hailey--

Jeans: Abercrombie  here
Combat Boots: Nordstrom Rack here
Shirt: Forever 21 here

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