Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring has Sprung

This week I got to come home for the weekend
to celebrate Easter with the family.
The first day I got home, it was in the 60's
and without a doubt we were not going to waste a single second
of that brilliant warmth.
My sisters and I all asked for longboards Christmas,
so it was time to pull them out of storage and hit the streets.
Me my momma two sisters, and Lulu (the dog)
Went for a long ride.
Taylor rode a bike since she didn't have a longboard. haha
Sadly we didn't get a picture.
And Lulu got to ride along with us, tugging along because she always
had to be in front.

I just have to confess. That I am obsessed with my dog.
Yes I am completely weird, but Lulu is like my baby.
I love her so much. Anything she does makes me laugh
I have way to many pictures of her on my phone, my family
treats her like a princess, and she has her own instagram.
Yes... I said she had her own instagram.
She'd love if you followed her ;) @lulupete

You have to admit... she is like the most legit dog over.
Don't mess with a girl and her dog.

 Most of you are probably thinking, what her mom went longboarding?
Yeah my mom is way sick.
She is a snowboardin, longboarding, beach babe momma. 
Ain't nobodies mom is as cool as mine.

This day, was one of the best in awhile
It was warm, relaxing, chill day.
I realized that going to theme parks, shopping, and partying aren't always
the best way to have a great time.
The best times are the times that you get to laugh
at how fat your dog is that she can barely make it down the street,
or your sister wrecks it on a longboard, or how your dad sucks
at charades, just enjoying the presence 
and time that you get to spend with the people you love most.
All the things that are bad in life seem to be forgotten later on in life.
But it is the small moments like these that will be 
engrained in your mind forever.

Sorry for the long rambling deep thought.
Just had to be said.

Moral of the story.... I love my sister

And the Warmth.
Spring has officially Sprung.

x0x0 Hailey

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