Monday, March 18, 2013

From the Beginning. Spring Break.

Have you ever just done something spurr of the moment?
You didn't think about it... Just did it?
Well I never do. I am one of those people that thinks about all of 
the precautions, analyzes the positives and negatives, and 
rarely makes rash decisions.
But I thought it was about time to let go..
ya know YOLO... haha
When the opportunity came about to go on spring break to San Diego and Catalina
for a whole week with 13 complete strangers that I had never met or seen.
I took that chance and said yes. Didn't think. Just did.
And it was the best decision I ever made.
This group I went with, was filled with amazing people. And for those of you in the Cali Crew,
reading this. I mean it. Each and every person had so much to offer, and
each individual made this trip so memorable. I was afraid that I would be
scared to be alone,with some of the people, like it would be awkward.
But I got close to each person. It didn't matter who I spent which moment with,
I'm glad I experienced this amazing
adventure with each one of you. 

Not only were the people amazing but the places. We went from luxory,
to dirt poor in one week.
But each place left a mark, and memory of beauty. 
Each new destination, I never wanted to leave,
I felt like I would never have enough time to really take in the beauty,
and never be able to express to others what my eyes have seen.

If you haven't notice this post it about my spring break. 
And since it was so amazing I've decided to break it down into parts.
And today your getting part one. 

From the Beginning.

The first day consisted loading 15 college students into 3 cars 
at nine o clock at night and driving to St. George.
We got there late, and crashed in TJ's sisters house. 
We got real comfy with another real fast.
India and Kaytee spooned on a couch the first night they met. 
The next day we went to church which consisted of Brian/Kevin getting 
hit on during testimony meeting. 
Yes while she was bearing her testimony, she called them out 
and told them she was single. There was also something about whether or not she 
chose to be a home girl... or daughter of god. 
Don't worry, she chose daughter of God. 

Then we headed to Bonsall California where we stayed with double f Jeff's 
aunt and uncle. And can I say that it was BEAUTIFUL.
They lived in this beautiful Victorian estate in the middle of an orchard.
Please tell me does it get better than that?
I didn't take pictures of the inside because I was having a hard time capturing
how beautiful it actually was
We hung out in their basement, which was basically a huge game room.
And later went to bed, the girls slept in the cottage next to the house.
In the morning me and Sierra went for a morning run. Up and down and around
the Orchard. That morning was perfect.
Later we ate a wonderful breakfast, did some yoga, and had a quick swim.


We had to dry out swimming suits. So the car did a swell job. 

Later we loaded up and headed for San Diego.
And that is the next part of the story.
Until then.

--x0x0 Hailey--


  1. Sounds like an adventurous and amazing spring break.. can't wait to see more photos!! and what a beautiful home!

  2. Looks awesome!! Great post following you on GFC:)


    Pirate Hart

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