Friday, February 22, 2013

chapter 3: Section 5

Yes, Valentines was a week ago,
And yes I am just barely getting to this post. 
But, I all hope you enjoyed the day of love <3

Sure I don't have a man,
but I still love V-day anyways. People are always so happy,
its gives you an excuse to chow down on all the sweets you want,
and it's the time where the best gushiest, lovey, chick-flick movies come out.
And who creates the best love stories of all?
I think we all know it...
Nicholas Sparks.

I am sure that almost 99% of the single women in America
went and saw Safe Haven.
And yes I was one of them, along with the rest of my gorgeous single
girlfriends as well.

And then after that, we once again a typical single American girl.
We went and got ice-cream! Shocker right!? haha
But whose to complain it was quite delicious.

Although, I spent Valentines with a bunch of girls, I did
have these hot men to come home to.

Oh, but yeah I forgot to tell you,
Me and Josh are secretly dating...
shh... don't tell Fergie ;)

x0x0 Hailey

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