Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lets talk spring break an eternity ago. Every year I've made a last minutes decision on what I would do for spring break. And every year without fail it is the best decision I've made.

This year, the decision was Moab, Utah, and now those glowing red rocks have a place in my heart. So like always Kaytee, Paul, and I went knowing no one besides Creighton and Seth... there was going to be 50 people. Good thing we are outgoing people.
 A little detail on Creighton and Seth, they travel the world doing extreme sports, bungee jumping, slack lining over canyons, rock climbing, anything that will make you pee your pants in terror they probably would do. So going into this trip we knew we were getting ourselves into trouble.

When we got there it was like 2 am, everyone was out cold in their tents to we went into ninja mode setting up a whole tent as quiet as possible. Yeah I would call that talent. Waking up was a little awkward, walking to the campfire with everyone awake and your are some new alien. They were all so nice and welcoming though. Can I tell you that every single person on this trip was so genuine, nice, and cool people. Everyone of them taught me so much and were so welcoming. Our new little trio were the youngest by far. Me and kaytee and 20 and paul was 21, the next youngest was 26. What can I say we roll with the older crowd, even though they aren't really old.

 So to sum up out trip in a couple sentences so I don't write a whole novel, it included me repelling for the first time ever... of an arch, hows that for a firsty. Lots of four wheeling was involved, canyoneering, razoring, rock climbing, basically all things that equal happiness we did. In no way will I really be able to express how awesome that trip was... hey I even got a boyfriend out of it ha

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