Sunday, August 18, 2013

Don't Wait for Adventure to Find You

Do you ever just sit around on a weekend night, thinking of things to do with your friends.
You all give suggestions, and they are great suggestions, but you just don't have the 
energy or the drive to go do it?
Well if you don't, I praise you, because this happens so much in my life.
We all make that coveted bucket list and plan to check each one off during the summer.
Then its the last week of summer, you look at that list, and maybe one was just checked off.
Usually the only ones that are checked off are like make cookies, go to a cafe, have s'mores.
Well at least for me, because anything that involves food, I am all in for. 
But I had a list of float down the river, rock climb once a week.... etc.
And don't get me wrong I did some of those. But there was a whole lotta things left.
And it makes me so frustrated.
I had all the opportunities to do them, I was just either too tired, not willing to round
up a group of people, didn't have the gear. 
I just made up excuses.
Well guess what. I am done with that.
From now on when I want to do something. I'm gonna do it gosh dang it!
That was my mind set on Saturday.
Kevin, the most amazing person in this world.
Has invited me rock climbing like twice a week the whole summer. 
And I just kept being busy with stupid things. So when I knew I had nothing that 
would stand in my way on Saturday I called him up, and was like we're 
doing this thing. He was thinking "about time!"
Well anyways we went up Bountiful canyon. And It was so fun.
There is something about being in nature surrounded by trees and fresh air.
It's such a stress reliever. I sat up on a rock for 30 minutes and just took it all in.
I know that sounds cheesy, but I was so happy. There isn't all the wordly things to worry
about up there. You just get to enjoy god's creations. 
I need to go more often, and when I say that I am going to start doing it. 
My new motto is "Don't wait for Adventure to find you"
I made that up in my head, but I'm sure with the billions
of quotes floating around Pinterest, I probably just read it. haha 
Either way, I am going to follow it. And make something out of my life!

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  1. I am so glad you still have all your hair.
    I have heard of so many hair- cutting incidents surrounding this. Glad you gave gave in, and just did it. Looks like it was a blast.