Monday, August 5, 2013


Big Sis Tay just left for New Jersey to nanny for year.
Not only did she leave me for a year to nanny but my best friend did too.
She is in New York, but not too far from my sister.
So now my best friend, and sister get to become best friends in some other fun state 
While I am stuck in Utah. Maybe i'll go nanny in Germany or something. 
So before Tay left we basically hung out every day to get in our years worth of hang time.
The Saturday before she left we wanted to do something fun. 
But to be honest I was not in the mood to have fun. You know when you get to the point
where you spend too much time with your family and you might explode? Well I was to
that point. Which is weird because I don't usually get that way. But anyways I had some 
major freak out about how the closet was unorganized, that everyone one was on my nerves,
and that I was going to go insane. No ones perfect okay? I think I scared Kaytee a bit 
because I had never acted that way before. haha
So all 8 of us sat there in the living room after my freak out, awkwardly. 
I knew that if we sat there any longer I would go crazy.
I was craving the mountains, and needed to get there fast.
So we all decided to go on a hike. Okay not much of a hike, its like 5 minutes.
But either way it is in the mountains and leads to a waterfall, waterfalls are always fun.
So we get there and Taylor decides she wants to do something wild. So she strips
down and gets under the wimpy waterfall. She is crazy considering she was in her bra and
underwear and at any moment some random people could have come around the corner.
But some how she didn't get caught, and we got a Victoria Secret photoshoot out of it haha
I won't share those... they are a little risque :) 
By the end of the hike my sanity was back. Woop Woop

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