Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome to the Ivy House

Okay, I can't even start to explain the love that I have for this house already.
I mean it does have it's flaws which I will explain later, but it is my love.
I finally moved in on Saturday, and I have loved every second since I've been back 
Seriously people, Utah State is such a great school to go to.
What makes living in this house all the better, is my amazing roommates. 
They are seriously so easy to live with and we are so alike but different at the same time.
We all have our little quarks that come together and make one big awesome party.
It already has been quite eventful, just in five days there are been two mini dance parties, us getting
toilet papered (not cool since we have such big trees), game night, 
and 2 serial killers in our house.
Obviously there wasn't a serial killer or I would be dead. But we thought there was.
This house was built in the 70's so it has its flaws, like it makes loud noises at night,
and if you don't lock the doors right they just randomly fly open from the wind.
So Monday night we are just sitting on Kenz and Abby's bed having a nice conversation
when we hear a creepy "hello" and the door slam way hard. Yeah, imagine 5 screaming girls (kaytee was nice and asleep in her bed) squished in a corner of a room. 
We scrounge around the room looking for weapons, 
kenzie found some scissors, me a coconut (don't ask)
We started screaming "we have pepper spray!" in hopes the killer would get scared, 
And then we had to call paige's brother to come over and check the house. 
So he comes, and all the doors are locked, so there is no way that some one came in. BUT I SWEAR someone said hello and the door slammed. So figure that one out?
The very next night, four of us were at the Spectrum cleaning up the stage after the Josh Thompson
Concert when we get a phone call at 12:30 (yeah we were at the spectrum for 8 hours kill me), Abby
was in tears saying someone was in our house, and the back doors were wide open.
So Abby and Kenz some how turned ninja out the side door 
and ran to our guy neighbors who we don't even know and 
walked into their house freaking out seeing if they would check the house.
Poor guys were asleep, but them being amazing people, came over as we got home.
So they checked all the corners and closets and doors and rooms. No Killer.
The wind flew the doors open, we think.
So right when we were think everything is fine, our neighbor decides to tell us that creepy things
have happened at the house and they have had to bless it before.
I immediately burst into big sobbing tears.
I do not do ghost stuff. At all. My BIGGEST FEAR.
So luckily, it wasn't luck, it was a tender mercy.
Our neighbor was the Elders Quorum President. 
So he said he would bless the house.
So we all bow our sobbing heads for it.
It was such an amazing prayer, immediately after I felt comforted, I can't speak for the other
girls, but it really did help.
So... our new goal tonight is not to have a scare three nights in a row.
We will see how that goes....


  1. GOSH, I want to live in a house like that.
    Not the creepiness, of course, but the old brick, historic feeling.
    I want a brick house with ivy but husband says that it deteriorates the brick and blah blah blah.
    Who cares when it looks that good, right?!

    1. I know I have ALWAYS wanted to, I finally crossed another thing off my bucket list!
      The nice thing is that we are only renting it by semester so we don't have to worry about the deterioration and stuff, we just get to enjoy the beauty of it!