Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Camping on the Quad

Everyone says they go to the best college, and they seem real convinced that they are right.
But in the back of my mind I think... well you aren't going to my college.. so that can't be true.
I never thought that I would be one of those people who was a die hard fan of their college.
But... sadly I am that girl.
I am a true, die hard, bleeding blue, true aggie.
How you can tell?
When you camp out in 30 degree weather in rain and snow, to receive a wrist band to be front
row at a football game. Yup, I know I am crazy.
Each year for the biggest games, our school has "camping on the quad".
You camp out to get a wrist band to be let in 30 minutes earlier before most students.
The game game was against BYU... I needed to be front row.
But let me tell you... camping on the quad is so beyond fun.
It is what makes me love this school just that much more.
The quad is bigger than a football field... okay i think... don't hold me on that.
But the whole quad is filled with tents, even teepee's this year haha
And it is one big party the whole night. People are having hot chocolate, blasting music
playing games, socializing. It's honestly is so fun, I would do it in 30 degree weather every night.
Hannah is the man and got there early to put our tent at the very front so when the bell went off
we would have a short run. So we had a nice little community of tents set up, and we jammed out to music, took pictures, enjoyed our hot chocolate and stayed warm.
The basketball boys didn't need to camp out though...they are spoiled and already have reserved seats but they came out and partied before everyone attempted to go to bed.
We crammed 12 people into a 6 man tent, that may sound miserable but it was oh so warm, I was not complaining one bit. Everyone had snuggle buddies... as for me and India... we had each other haha
We all went to sleep at 2 am.. but some sneaksters every year put off a fake alarm telling everyone that it is time to get the wrist bands. So everyone wakes up for no reason to wait in a fake line, for nothing haha we fall for it every year.
BUT when the actual bell goes off at 4 a.m imagine this...
Hunger games.
haha everyone is dead asleep and then all of a sudden bodies are standing straight up in a matter of a second sprinting off into some direction searching for the wrist bands. Then you are all packed into an area like sardines swaying back and forth to get to the front, to get your prized possession. It is intense stuff. Once you get the wristband it doesn't end there.
You then have to get to scurry off to the gates so you can be in the front of the line ahead of all your fellow wristbaners. So this football game turns into a 24 hour event.
I was waiting to get into that game since 9 pm to to 4 pm the next day.
I braved the cold and had only two hours of sleep to get that beloved front row 50 yard line seat.
Did I get it? Of course! If I wouldn't have.. someone would have been beat up. hahaha just kidding
The game went... down hill, real real fast. It started with BYU getting a touchdown in the first 10 seconds... that is tragic. And then chuckie our star player got hurt and is out for the season now.
People kept asking me if all my braving the cold and no sleep was worth it.
No matter what, when you are on the front row 50 yard line, its worth it. Everyone is so into the game, chanting and screaming, and it is like you are front row at a concert. I loved every second of it.
Will I do it again?
Yes... why yes I will.


  1. Your blog is amazing!! You're the first person I've found that actually talks about her life and posts pictures with her friends etc... It would mean a lot if you were to check out my blog
    P.S I've been to Utah and it's awesome!! Everyones so friendy! :D

  2. thank you so much happy to hear you love my blog!
    There really are so many friendly people here I am glad we made a good impression on you!:)

  3. Utah State Aggies all the way! Love our school!

  4. i went to utah state and this just took me back. you are darling!

  5. very cute blog i follow you now ♥

  6. Hi Hailey, great post - really like all your photos. Such a unique blog. Love it!!

    Laura xx