Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Mornings


This morning at the Ivy House has been one of best Saturday mornings yet. With the rain falling outside, John Mayer playing in the background, and sipping on some tea, how can it not be a great day. Although it's been relaxing I was actually quite productive. I did some spring cleaning in my bedroom, lets say that took awhile. I cleaned the kitchen, did some homework, and did some sketching. Most say they aren't morning people, but I think mornings are the best. Most of the Ivy Girls went home for the weekend so it was just Kitty, Abs, and I. As I did some scripture study and Kaytee did some homework we just listened to the rain pour down, and that small simple moment just made my day. It realized that it is small simple moments that our life is made up of, and those are the moments we should cherish most. One day when I'm married and have kids and I am running all over the house trying to get things done, I will think back to my college days. And I will remember them so fondly and maybe even wish I could go back. I want to take in every moment, every laugh, every party, every friendship that I have in college and savor it. I feel like I have done that a lot lately. By no means is my life perfect, there are a lot of trials I have to go through, but this week has been the happiest week. Nothing has gotten me down, just walking up old main in the morning would make me smile, or sweeping the floor as my roommates talk about crushes. All those moments have made my heart so happy this week. My goal is to keep my mind on all the positives in my life, because lets face it, I have been blessed with so much that even the the biggest of trials are so small compared to all the good in my life.