Thursday, July 31, 2014


 Hi to all my followers who thought I disappeared from face of the planet.
Well don't worry I didn't fall from the face of the planet... only from the face of America.
Last year I decided I would dig up my hiking boots (not really I bought new ones), pack my things and travel to Europe.
I always was the girl that whined about wanting to travel, wanted to see the world, see Europe, but never actually did it, because it scared the living poop out of me thinking about actually traveling to some unknown place where I know nothing, or no one, let alone the language.
But when I decided I wanted my major to be graphic design, and Utah State had a study abroad to Switzerland for it, I knew it was my chance to jump on one of my life long dreams.
I signed up, not knowing if I would know any of the students going, what to expect, how to prepare, but it excited me, I was actually fulfilling a dream, which I can tell you now, is a wonderful feeling.

Lucky for me as started talking to people around campus, I figured out I knew a few people going, Kait being one of them, who I knew all through out high school, so it made me that much more confident in my decision to go. I was stoked, Switzerland was my #1 place in the world to travel. The first reason because my family is from there and I wanted to see the country that my family and blood once ran through, and also because I felt the Swiss Alps had been calling my name all throughout my life... at least I think. I also knew that while I was in Europe I couldn't not see other countries... I mean who knows when I would be there again (let me tell you real soon because now I can't stay away). So luckily my best friend was going on a different study abroad to Europe and wanted to travel with me after. We were a little sketched out at first traveling.. just two girls. So we were desperate to find some guys to travel with. To our extreme luck, to of our guy friends decided they wanted to go, so we planned to meet up at the end of June, and backpack through a bunch of countries.

To be honest we really didn't plan that much for the backpacking part. I mean how could you besides read books about a place that you've never been and don't know what they are talking about. Basically the only planning we did was figure out what countries we were going to hit, and bought a Eurail train pass, that would get us from country to country. And that was it. Nothing else.... I will blogging about that part later because let me tell you it was a true adventure.

But yeah so after the little planning and me fully paying for my study abroad, the next thing I knew I was packing the night before (talk about procrastination) all my stuff into my 40L backpack that I would be surviving from for the next month and half. And let me tell you... 40L does not fit much, I basically shifted through the same 10 pieces of clothing the whole time I was there.
When packing for Europe, especially when you are backpacking... pack light!!!!! I cannot stress that enough, when I was with the others their backpacks were so much lighter than mine and I raged with jealousy at every second. It wasn't all my fault my bag was heavy because they didn't have to pack hiking gear and winter clothes, because they weren't snow shoeing the alps, but still I hated life sometimes on those hot days where we hadn't found our hostel yet we're roaming the streets with my back breaking.

Anyways sorry for the rampage... I finished packing.. got to bed late... didn't sleep because I was so stoked, and next thing I knew I was in the car with my dad traveling to the airport on my way to the biggest adventure of my life. The biggest adventure that will forever have a place in my heart, and brings me to tears thinking about it. Little did I know the huge life changing experiences I would be having as I arrived.

I am going to try to blog ever day a play by play about each day while I was there. If you have questions don't be afraid to ask.
One major reason why I am blogging about my adventure is because one, I want to remember it, and my blog is like my journal. And second because I want to give people the motivation and confidence to do it themselves. I am telling you guys now, you have to backpack and adventure, it changes your life and you for the good.
SO don't be afraid to ask questions, and I hope I can pump you up to fulfill your own life long dreams!


  1. your pictures are unreal. & your study abroad sounds even more unreal. i adore switzerland, it would be such a dream to live there for any amount of time. can't wait to hear about more of your adventure!

  2. WOW!! I wish I could experience something like that in my life.Nice post waiting for the next.

  3. This post is actually really inspiring :D You make it seem much easier than it sounds, I can't wait for all your posts to come!!

  4. gorgeous photos!


  5. Very inspiring post, can't wait to read more! I love Switzerland and as I've been so many times I consider it a second home, such a beautiful place!!

  6. I follow you on instagram and have been WAITING to hear all about it! It looked amazing! Can't wait!
    bailey @

  7. I feel like we are so similar. I die when I look at pictures of Europe and would do anything to live there even for a month. My family is also from Switzerland and i've been wanted to visit there for as long as I can remember. so so jealous you were able to do that, I hope one day i am that lucky, seriously can't wait to read more.