Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Saturn's Rings

Ever seen Saturn's rings? Well I did :)
Over the weekend we went star gazing and my friend had a legit telescope that
he brought along. They downloaded that app that shows you the constellations
in the sky, and tells you which stars are which.
He scoped out Saturn, and we were able to look at it!
Obviously since it was so far away it was the most perfect image ever
It was just white and had a white ring around it, but it was still amazing.
We went to the top of South Mountain and laid out a bunch of blankets
and were able to have a perfect view of not only the sky but the whole valley.
It is so peaceful to just sit there and watch the world go by below you, and the sky sit still
above you. We sat there for a couple hours, just talking about black holes, stars, and
how big the universe is.
I have to admit that outerspace and stars secretly scare me.
Something about it going on forever and ever and ever, is too much for mind to comprehend
and it creeps me out. Other than that I still enjoy looking up at the stars. There is something
universal about them. Everyone in the universe has the same right to look at them. Nobody, and
no one country owns the stars or the moon. They are there up there free, and ready to be enjoyed.

I may look just a little bit hunched back in the picture haha

Haha this may look posed... but surprisingly it wasn't. Yeah Paige is covering her eyes, we made
fun of her because it was obviously not sunny, but she said it helped her see.

Overall it was a fun night. :)

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  1. that is so cool! I've done something similar for a meteor shower, but its hard to see them when there are so many lights around!