Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Helena, Montana

Well it happened.
I finally got to go back to the place I was born!
Where was I born you ask, well... Helena, Montana.
How random right?
Well my pops is one of the most athletic people on earth,
after he decided that he no longer wanted to play for the Angels... ( just the minor team;)
he and my mother headed off for Montana
he got a scholarship to Carol College to play basketball, so that is where it was all started.
Even though I was born there, we moved back to Utah when I was 8 months.
And that was the last time I had been there until now.
I mean it took long enough!
We stayed with my parents family friends, and let them show us around.
We kinda got jipped because it was rainy weather the whole time,
so we didn't get to river raft, or hunting.
But since we didn't do that. We ate. And we ate A LOT.
Helena isn't filled with a bunch of chain food restaurants,
what it does have is tons of amazing little cafes, bars, and restraunts.
None like the other. And boy I will tell you we were in heaven.
Without fail we had Mexican food every day. I have never had such good Mexican food ever.
We also went up the Mountains and ate at a cafe, in the middle of a 3 par golf course,
they had live music, animals we could feed and pet, and amazing food.
Helena is like a Park City, Utah. But better, with less snotty people :)
I fell in love and I'm mad it took us this long to come back.
Even though it wasn't a cruise or the Bahamas, it was an amazing trip.
One that you got to spend chilling with family in nature.

I couldn't go to my birthplace without documenting it.... so we I made a little video :)

Helena, Montana from Hailey Peterson on Vimeo.

     Don't I have the Most beautiful mother?

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  1. Love this Hai!! LOVE your blog. You're just the prettiest.