Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Lake of all Lakes. Lake Powell.

Hi I am back from the dead.
Okay not really, I just got home from vacations!
My first vacation. Lake Powell.
Confession time. Disney Land isn't the happiest place on Earth, Lake Powell is.
I feel nothing but happiness joy, and optimism when I am in Powell.
It is odd how happy it makes me. Maybe because I have an unlimited amount
of good memories there.
My family has been going to Lake Powell since forever, for the last like 9 years
We had a houseboat, and every year without fail we went.
My families favorite spot is up Navaho Canyon. I love being nestled in a huge
beautiful red rock canyon, only surrounded by water and nature. Completely cut off from
the rest of the world, with people you love, and hanging around only in your bathing suit
all day not having to even worry about how you look.
Each night we nestles ourselves into our sleeping bags at the top of the houseboat and get to
fall asleep under the stars. I honestly can't think of anything better. I have probably had the deepest
and most amazing conversations under those stars. It's a time of peace and comfort. I couldn't
ask for anything better.
Then in the morning you get woken up by the roasting sun and an annoying crow that never fails
to be there every year. Then we hop up and are in our bathing suits for the day and out on the water
by 7 am to ski the glass water that doesn't have a single wave or ripple.
This year was different since I took the trip with my best friends family.
Even though we spent it on the beach in a trailer, it was still just as great.
Me and Brooke were talking how you can't help but be excited for life when you there.
When your just sitting on the boat listening to your favorite music, in the most beautiful place
doing the funnest things. You can't help but be so optimistic about life, and so excited for the future
and what life has to bring. 
If I was ever asked what my most favorite thing on earth was. My answer without fail.
Lake Powell in the middle of the canyon at sunset, with John Mayer playing in the background.
That is the epitome of happiness.

Ever Heard of butt surfing? :)

We also had a dog ropin cowboy along for the ride haha

Big boys lil tent

Hope your all having an amazing summer!

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