Friday, June 7, 2013

The S.L.C

Ever say your going to do something... and you never do it?
Well if there was a queen for doing that, it would be me.
I find that I have a plethora of dreams and goals.. that just just sit
in my head and look good, but never become a reality.
Why am I ranting about this you ask?
Okay I will get to it.
I only live 20 minutes away from Down Town Salt Lake
and I have always made it a goal to go down town and try out all
the cute little unique restaurants, and  basically just explore the city that I've lived in
but have never become acquainted with.
It amazes me how much of the city that I have never seen, and how much beauty
and fun it offers.
Well today. One of my goals finally had a stepping stone into becoming a reality.
Me and some of the Ivy House blonde crew had a fun day downtown.
First we went to Settebello. The MOST delicious pizza place ever.
It is more like a real Italian pizza, so less sauce and a lot more toppings.
I downed it, me and Kaytee shared, poor girl probably got a few bites in before
it was all inside my belly.
Then later we explored a book store, that I don't think ever ended.
I imagine it in Harry Potter, there was secret (sketchy) doors everywhere,
halls that lead to halls that lead to rooms that led to dungeons.
Moral of the story. It was huge.
But we had our good time. And I found some amazing old books with the most amazing
photography inside of them. Even though I love to read, I am more like a child, who loves
a nice picture book.
Next we went from bakery to bakery to see what they had to offer. By this time, all the food
was weighing me down. So I settled with my last little snack, a gelato.

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