Monday, June 10, 2013

Karaoke Cafe

This weekend was miss summers birthday...
Big birthday shout out to you sum bum!
To start out the festivities you always have to start with a pinata.. am I right?
Brooke and Liz picked out one of the most beautiful pinatas known to man. Greg.
Yes. This is Greg. Look at the frilly outfit, and might I add the the gold chain makes it.
It took us quite awhile to get it on a tree, who knew hanging a pinata was such hard work?

Once we got it up, Summer and her muscles took it down in three swings. 
Here's a snip it of the eventful hanging. and hitting... so violent?... ignore my annoying manly voice. I mean do I really sound like that? haha

Later we headed over to Zupas to feed out addiction.
I think every single one of us is obsessed with it. We just kept saying how we
have never been disappointed with what we've order. Everything there is delicious.
And then we were off to Karaoke Cafe.
Let me tell you now we spent 4 hours there. FOUR. Can you tell we like our Karaoke?
Haha we got there a little early so we had basically the whole place to ourselves for an hour.
Later when the place got filled the D.J cut us off... he said we had sang to much. Sad Day.
We made some friends there Otis and Gladis... and think that was her name.
They were some older couple that just loved life and singing. Otis sang the cutest song
to his wife we all about died.
Even though I love Karaoke I have to admit I am tone deaf... well at least I think.
Though I love it, I am sure the audience is holding their ears waiting for me to get off haha
Oh well, I guess they will have to live with it ;) 

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