Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Turquoise & Cream

India Earl Photography 

My favorite colors:
Turquoise and Cream.
If I could wear it everyday, I think I would.
First off I love anything creamed color. I think I own about three dresses, 5 sweaters, 2 jackets, 2 shorts, 1 pants and a few hats that are all cream.
My favorite color to accessorize it with.. well now its obvious... Turquoise!
Its just a subtle pop of color.
I mean look at the coloring in those pictures!
They are meant to be together... obviously India is an amazing photographer and made
it look that much greater but really I am in love.

I am huge in to pastel turquoise and subtle whites
The best ways I like to wear them are:
     1. Pops of turquoise in a neclace
     2. A pastel or turquoise collar under a cream sweater
     3. Turquoise socks with cream flats, or brown boots and a cream dress
     4. Turquoise belt with cream collared shirt

My dress believe it or not from a second hand store. I got it for $5! I about sobbed for joy I was so happy. Kenz's dress is from Urban Outfitters, of course, everything UO sells is perfect!
So if your feeling a splurge, a cream dress is so worth it, but also remember to check thrift shops and second hand stores, because they are just hiding on those racks ready to be bought! 

Find Sweater Here: Forever 21, YesStyle, ASOS 
Find Dress Here: Aerie, Roxy, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters


  1. beautiful pics :)

  2. These photos are beautiful! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today. xo

  3. I love that your dress was $5! I love finding op-shop hidden gems. There's nothing grander :)

  4. Love these country boho looks! And the turquoise accents with white! Super gorgeous!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  5. your style is seriously the cutest! and your 3 ways to wear sweaters while its still warm just made me excited to pull all of mine out of the back of my closet and wear them! adorable pictures on everything!