Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kaytee Lucherini (AKA Kitty)

India Earl Photography 

I would like to rant about my beautiful roommate and best friend.
Meet Kaytee (aka Kitty).
Why Kitty you ask? I'll explain that some other day.
But... I would just like to say how much I love her and how blessed I am to have her as my roommate.
We have only known each other for maybe a year, but have already gone through so much
together. We were meant to be in each others lives, to get each other through our trials.
We laugh at how dumb we are about every second.
We have lingerie parties for two, seek out ways to blackmail each other, give each other pep
talks, have tai chi style dance offs, belt out Shakira Spanish songs, share our testimonies constantly, scare the crap out of our roommates, and talk in our beds at night about everything and nothing.
Kaytee is one of the most confident girls I know. She knows who she is and what she wants, and has
given me that drive in my life to actually make my dreams happen.
She is  as gorgeous and sassy as they come, and her imperfections make her perfect.
Thank you for being my best friend and roommate.
Love you Kitty

Dress: AllSaints 

Also please die at how amazing India Earl is. These photo's are literally to die for.
I could cry at how awesome they are. It also helps that Miss Lucherini is a total babe.
Thanks India for being so talented!


  1. Aweee Hails your'e too sweet! Thanks for being my best friend, sharer of the ice cream, keeper of my secrets, stylist, and such a blessing in my life as well.

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