Thursday, September 5, 2013


Okay. I admit it, I shop in the men's section.
I decided to go to Down East, which is where you can find Free People and Anthro
stuff for ridiculously good prices. So I go set on finding some cute Anthro dress, but then I found
myself in heaven, flipping away through all the men's racks!
Do you realize how many cute men's clothes you can make into a girls fashion statement?
A ton I tell you.
I ended up dropping money on four things from Down East, all men's clothes.
I got two jackets that are maybe the comfiest things I will ever own. One featured above.
I can't wait for it to get cold so I can wear it with skinny's and hightops.
Those jackets are going to be overworn, I know this now.
I also got two men's tshirt.
If you any of you have the same issue I do, I hate women's tees.
They are always too short!
I like my t-shirts long so I can wear them with jeggings, and leggings, but girls t-shirt's
never are long enough. So I have resorted to mens t-shirts. Get a small, and they fit perfect and are long. You will be set for life.

So my 5 rules of buying mens clothes:

1. Go to the men's sales rack first - all the girlier looking shirts and jackets are never bought, so they are there waiting for you to be picked up, fresh and cheap!

2. Try on everything! If it looks semi cute on the rack, grab it and try it on.

3. When flipping through the clothes, think of what it will look good with

4. Whenever you wear men's clothes... well make sure that you don't look like a man.
 To balance out the look I always wear something more feminine. like above I wore a simple green necklace. I didn't go full out but it gave it that feminine feel.

5. Make sure it fits right. Sometimes we like baggier clothes, and mens clothes are perfect for that, but there is a difference between baggy and frumpy. Frumpy is when its too oversized, it looks like it added 10 pounds to you, and its awkward around the shoulders. Baggy will make you look fashionable, frumpy will make you look homeless.

Well I hope my tips will help in your future shopping sprees.
Please try buying at least one piece of men's clothing.
I promise......
it will be the best decision you ever made.


  1. I always wear mens clothes, because like you said, All the good stuff is totally left untouched.

    Glad I'm not the only crazy one.
    (and by crazy I mean, genius.)

  2. Awesome work! Nice Post . its looking so beautiful. mens clothing shop is considered one of the main forms of art in india.

  3. don't mind my creeping but I am absolute love with your style!