Monday, September 30, 2013

I Had A Birthday

So I turned 20!!
Woop Woop no longer am I a teenager, let me tell you.. it feels real good.
I can not even begin to describe how blessed I am. I honestly have to most amazing friends in the whole entire world. Like I could cry I love them so much. My birthday made me realize that I have so many people in this world that care about me. Not that I didn't know that before... but on your birthday you just seem to be extra loved.
I don't even know where to begin with my birthday.
It included lap dances, rape, winning the lottery, an epic dance party.... and cheesecake.
So.... let me explain.
My roommates and I planned to throw a little party for my Bday, you know maybe 50 people?
One of our friends is the sickest DJ and he said he would DJ for our birthday.
But then, our friend Brian said he wanted to throw a party too, and that we could do it at his house.
So thinking the party would still be small we agreed, but then later that day we see the Facebook
page he created... found here, and he invited over 1000 people!!!
I was like what the heck, that is huge! He said he wanted to go all out for my birthday,
and so he did....
Just in an hour into the party the house was crowded, two DJ's were going at it, and bodies were dancing everywhere. Then all of a sudden, the music stops. And Birthday Sex comes on.
I see a chair floating to the middle, and suddenly I am being pushed into the chair.
There is a crowd of people circled around me, and a man is all of sudden giving me a lap dance.
Can I say I am so awkward... like what are you supposed to do!? I just kept laughing.
Once he was done I stood up to be done and I was pushed back down into the seat and I got like 5 more lap dances from other boys. Lets just say I was not prepared for that hahaha
Then the last lap dancer.. an Asian whom I don't know all of sudden came in and tried to make out with me! I was stuck in the chair with no where to go panicking! Kaytee had to push him off, thank goodness she did! But either way it was such hilarious and something everyone should experience. The rest of the night was amazing, DJ Ben killed it, and I think I danced my legs to the point of death. Like any good party the cops came and shut it down, and it was a night to put in the books.
Now for winning the lottery.
Well I guess I technically didn't win the lottery but I wont two bucks if that counts for anything haha
The night before my birthday 5 of us drove up to lava hot springs, which was pure paradise. And on our way home the time hit 12 am it was my birthday! Jared and Yourdanos bought me cheesecake, because they knew it was my favorite (how cute!?) and then we pulled over and bought some scratch lottery games. And I won two dollas. haha lame I know, but hey at least I won something!
There was so much more that happened that day that I could go on for hours.
But for those of you reading this that were there to make my birthday special I am so grateful and I love you guys oh so much! Thanking for being in my life!


  1. LOVE this picture of you! Hope you had a good birthday!

  2. Happy birthday cute girl!

  3. Loving the confetti picture, so fun!

  4. I love birthdays! There my favorite! Love the blog too!