Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sweater Weather

India Earl Photography 

Guys.... it is sweater weather!!
And yes continue to sing the song sweater weather in your head.... because it is now stuck in mine.
You know that awkward transition from summer to fall where it is warm, but cold
but not cold enough to wear sweaters... or at least you think.
Well I say you can wear sweaters any day of the year, it is just all about what you pair it with.
So today and this upcoming week I will be posting how I like to wear my sweaters when
the weather just isn't cold enough.

Today we will start with my beautiful roommate Miss. Kenzie Baugh.
First let just be at ahh at how flawless she is, she literally kills me.
Second... I am in love with this outfit I put together.
It is so vibrant and makes such a statement.
Doesn't this have such an 80's look to it? Obviously it has a modern twist to it but
I love that it has that retro feel. 
The sweater, the skirt, and those heels with the pop of orange just make one unique outfit.
This day it was 85 degrees outside, and kenz didn't sweat a bullet, even though she was wearing a sweater.
So here is rule one to wearing a sweater outside of winter:

Rule #1

Wear a sweater with a skirt.

Yup it is that simple. Skirts are airy, light, and keep you from feeling constricted and hot. If you pair a sweater with it, the lightness of the skirt with balance out the sweater. If you are not into the whole heels things, you can pair socks with some cute flats. I love paring socks with flats, because plain flats tend to bore me.

If you are like me and are a sweater addict, try this! For awhile I would just look at my sweaters and think about how I couldn't wait to wear them, but now that I figured out little ways to sneak around the heat I now can!

Last photo is a little sneak peak at the outfits to come....

Sweater: SheInside
Find it here: SheInside
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Find it here: Urban Outfitters, SheInside
Socks: JCrew
Shoes: Target
Find similar here: ZapposHeels, Urban Outfitters ( I am dying to buy these)


  1. yes.
    I love this outift. period.

  2. Love this! Would you like to follow each other lovely?

    thanks xxx

  3. you're such a babe, wow! darling! yay for sweater weather! XO

    the well-traveled wife