Monday, September 9, 2013

Little Blue Dress - With a Twist

Yes yet another post on A little Blue Dress...
But this one is different, because of what the dress actually is.
This nice little lady above is actually wearing a night gown.
Shocker right?
Why buy a night gown that's rockin when people don't get to see how dang cute it is!
So we turned the night gown into a dress.
Who would've known, when kaytee showed it to me I had no idea it was night gown.

Since then I have decided I am going to start shopping for random things.
  • I will now shop for night gowns to see if I can turn any into dress
  • Pajama shirts... you would be shocked at how many pj tops can be turned into a fashionable t-shirt paired with skinnies and boots.
As you can tell I love pairing summer dresses with boots. Its gives it more of the Indie vibe, which is more of my taste. But if I am feeling in more of a preppy mood I will pair it with flats. If the flats seem to make the outfit a little drab and boring I like to add some patterned or colored ankle socks to it.

I encourage you to all go find yourself a little blue dress, to get you started there are some links below!
 Find your Own Little Blue Dress: Gap, Boohoo, Urbanoutfitters, PacSun, Ralph Lauren

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India Earl Photography
Model: Kaytee Lucherini

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